Monday, August 6, 2012

Our curriculum for the year.....

Not Back to School Blog Hop

We have actually been schooling all summer.  We go year around.  So I did a brief curriculum post back in May to share what we would be using, and as always though a few items have changed on been added.

Boys will continue to use Teaching Textbooks, with supplemental material from Math Essentials
Lydia will be using Math U See Alpha, and possibly starting Beta yet this year.  She is moving through pretty easily right now, and already half way through.
Caty will be using alot of "Math hidden" in what she is working on.  We have Team UmiZoomi Math from Nickelodeon, and she loves it.  But it's fairly easy for her, so she will probably start MUS Primer in January.  I am just gauging maturity level for it.

Joey will continue to use Christian Chemistry for Kids and supplemental projects and experiments.  Brayden is choosing a Life Science approach.  He does not enjoy chemistry.  So I am allowing Brayden to choose his Science subjects and animals each week.  He will probably even do some weather too.  Lydia is going to be following a Scott Foresman Science curriculum, but following...not really using their book a ton.  I will be supplementing with library books and activities to learn more and make it hands on.  Caty will be included in all of Lydia's science activities.  And any of the experiments.

We will be using for the boys.  Lydia will be using First Language Lessons.   Joey is currently using Time 4 Writing course for Grammar, and he seems to be enjoying it.  And Brayden just started using Rod and Staff Grammar 3.

Phonics and Reading
Lydia will be using Reading Kingdom for the next few weeks.  So far going well.  But we will have our fall back of Reading Eggs and also Headsprout.  The boys will just be encouraged to do more reading.  But when it comes to reading comprehension skills, we have some practice stories and questions that I found at Scholastic Teacher Express store.  Caty will continue using Explore the Code and we'll be supplementing with Letter of the Week activities.

We are still going to use Vintage Remedies curriculum.   But I am really like the 4H First Aid curriculum, so I will be going through it with all the kids.  Obviously at various levels.  Lydia is ready though for this program, even though she's only 7.  She has enjoyed watching Joey working on his various projects from it.

We'll be reading various classics throughout the school year together.

We will continue to use TruthQuest American History 1.  It's a wonderful literature based history program, so I will be supplementing with art activities, projects and movies.

We'll be doing some geography activities using some library books and learn geography terms.

US State Study
We'll be using Road Trip USA from Confessions of a Homeschooler.

Foreign Language
Rosetta Stone Latin America and Speekee Spanish.

Will be teaching an art co-op......and I told the kids they have to attend

This is our plan for the year.  Lydia will have a once a month zoo class.  She and Caty will have Girl Scouts.  Joey, Brayden and Lydia will have 4H again in the spring.  Joey and Brayden will continue with Special Olympics activities.  Lydia and Caty will have gymnastics.  The girls will also have American Girl Club.  All of them will have LEGO club opportunities monthly.

Everyone have a great schoolyear!!!


  1. Looks like a good line up. Have a great year!!

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