Monday, August 6, 2012

What we are up to this week....

Another week down...and many more to!!!

History - Together we are going to finish reading Magic Tree House Pilgrims, and finally start our reading about the 13 colonies.
Bible - We are learning about Abraham and how he was a friend of God.

Math - Teaching Textbooks with some supplement from Multiplication Made Easy
Spelling/Grammar - Spelling city and Time 4 Writing
Health - This week we will be learning about how to create a sling and memorizing R.I.C.E.  And we will also be learning about first aid for Nosebleeds
Science - Frost experiment and Super soapy boat
Computer class - He will be starting the 4H Newbie Know How Curriculum.  This week learning new vocab and refreshing himself on some old terms.
Top Secret - Hopefully he will finish up Ireland this week.
Handwriting - Getty Dubay and Keyboarding practice
Spanish - He'll be working on Speekee

Math - Teaching Textbooks
Spelling/Grammar - Spelling City and Rod and Staff Grammar 3 (this is a new addition to our curriculum load)
Science - The life of the Penguin
Reading - Reading Comprehension book
Unit Study - He is still working on Purrr-fect Pals...this week he will be learning about Cat combs and grooming.
Typing/Handwriting - Getty Dubay and Keyboarding online

Grammar - First Language Lessons - Days of the Week, Address review, common/proper noun review
Science - Birds
MUS - Review lesson this week...She's up to #11
Reading - Reading Kingdom (watch for the review)
Literature - Still working on Wizard of Oz
Handwriting - Getty Dubay and Leap Frog cursive practice
Social Studies - States and Continents, and lots on the US this week and next
American Girl - Finish the first McKenna book
Manners - Blunders manners game (watch for the upcoming review)

ETC - Still finishing up letter R
We are working on a bird packet that I downloaded that includes early handwriting, math skills, and letters also.  So that is really all inclusive for this week.

We are planning on going with Daddy to the shooting range tomorrow after lunch.  The kids are all enjoying gun safety....except Brayden.  But he will go if there's a picnic I'll pack one if that is what it takes!

Lydia won't have violin this week because her teacher is out of town.  But she starts gymnastics for the first time on Tuesday.  She is very excited.

Joey will have guitar this week.  And we are going to continue our daily walking first thing in the morning.

Brayden will just be doing swimming in the backyard most likely.  But we will wait and see.

Caty will probably start gymnastics next month.  We are waiting to see because you cannot be in pull-ups at all in order to start at this gym.  So it is a challenge to Caty, who had regressed.  But so far she is doing awesome!!

We do have a big project this week....we are creating a couple paper machie trophies for the Special Olympics parade float this Sunday.  So that should be really fun....and messy!!!

Everyone have a wonderful week!!!

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