Sunday, August 5, 2012

So things are changing around again....go figure!!

Doctors are wrong all the time!  Most drive me totally insane with the tests that they put people through.  I seriously think that the boys have their diagnosis reversed.  I really think that Brayden is Aspergers and Joey is more autism.  But it's all on the mess ups are there all the time.  Like the saying goes, "You have met one person with have met one person with autism."

Well we have had a switch up again!!!  Brayden is finally emerging more from his "inside" shell, but now we are having trouble with Joey regressing and having trouble leaving the house.  Once he gets over the anxiety, he seems ok.  But then sometime during the time out he has a high anxiety level.

He is having eating issues yet again, but so subtle it is easy to overlook.  He is changing to only wanting to eat chicken nuggets and sauteed shrimp.  I found a rice noodle that is similar to Ramen, without all the junk ingredients that are not good for him.  And he is enjoying them.  But today, he would only eat the chicken nuggets I bought to have on hand for a quick meal (and yes they are the all-natural without dairy) and the curly rice noodles from lunch.  He kept sneaking potato chips all day also.

Now he looks forward to our daily morning walk.  And we missed it Thursday because we were going out to a museum that day, and he kept asking why we didn't walk that day.  I just was having trouble cramming it in before we left for Joe's eye appointment.

Tonight we experienced yet another of these anxiety issues.  He knew his 4H Family picnic was this afternoon.  We had a simple morning.  We could not listen in to the Public talk at the Kingdom Hall due to computer issues, so we had a wonderful discussion about Abraham being God's Friend.  And read several passages from the Bible about Abram and Sarai and their obedience to God.  We had lunch (where he would only eat the noodles...even though we let him have steak sauce with his chicken).  I kept reminding them when we would leave.  But we also did a little bit of schoolwork today that we were behind on.  Very small amount.  About 3ish when we asked him to take a shower and start getting a bit ready to leave it started happening and turned into a downward spiral.  Since going to 4H meetings are a requirement I didn't want him to miss, especially since he was turning in his project to show at the fair.  He cried, stomped, screamed all because we wanted him to leave.

While this was all happening, Brayden was obediently getting ready.  He was packing a snack for himself and daddy.  It was rather funny and cute all at the same time.  He kept asking Joey why he was so upset.  It was unbelievable!

When we got to the fairgrounds for the picnic, he was a little better, but still volatile.  He wouldn't eat anything I suggested from the potluck.  Kept wanting to sit outside the building.  Fortunately we were sitting so we could watch him on the benches just laying in the sunlight.  And then his advisor came, and she was talking to him.  I was watching her face....walked out to see what was happening.  Sure enough, his b-word speech had begun.  (And not the b-word you may think...I just don't want to use too much of the speech he gives because we all know that big brother is watching....)  So I explained why, and of course she understood and wasn't taking him seriously.  But then I had to have yet another talk with him about this behavior and talk.

He got pretty nasty after that.  He was rude and tried talking during the meeting, and got grouchier and grouchier.  We even went through the stage about how he wanted to quit 4H.......which he says about everything he is in several times a year.  When the meeting was over, Joe took them out to the van while I finished up talking with the advisor about the upcoming festival that he is on the committee for. And he was grouching even more.  He only got better when we got home.

Ughhh!!!  What a day.  Today was one of those feeling like we are outnumbered days....and proof that there will never be a happy medium.  I also saw today...and reminded again....that autism is the one that calls the shots.  And no amount of medication will help the problem.  It's the human brain that controls, and in this case it is mind over medication.  Now I just have to keep track of how long it's happening and how often.  Because this will give us an interesting talking point at their med checks in a couple weeks.

I am praying the week goes much smoother than this!!!  Because Sunday kind of slapped

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