Saturday, August 18, 2012

To tell the truth....

I have been thinking a lot lately about the boys and friends.  They have lots of kids they know, but because of their OCDs, they do not have even one true friend.  You know a "bestie".  Every parent wants to see their kids hanging out with friends and to have someone they can depend on.  They do have a cousin that they play with on a regular basis, but no one to invite them for a sleepover.  Or no one to hang out with at the mall.  Joey has even asked for a Facebook page. 

But what am I saying....seriously like I could let Joey or Brayden just hang out at the mall unsupervised.  I also could not allow another parent to take on the responsibility or the chance of having a sleepless night because of Joey's insomnia.  And who would he have on his Facebook page.

I am torn on a daily basis about so many things when it comes to the boys.  Are we doing the right thing deciding to homeschool?  Are we doing the right thing by encouraging their sports?  Or in some cases forcing them out and about to field trips and places they are uncomfortable?  Are we doing the right thing allowing them to play certain video games?  Am I doing enough to make sure they are learning all they need to learn?  Should I have left Brayden in speech therapy?  Or Joey in PT?

We have tried so many "therapies".    We have read and still read social stories.  We use constant reminders while out in the public.  In fact, when we are out in public I feel like the big bad wolf with everyone looking at me like the overbearing parent, because they have no clue what we are trying to accomplish.  So I continue to second guess myself....should I stick with some sort of ABA therapy?

To tell the truth though, after all the money spent on therapies....I never saw any improvement.  Brayden's speech didn't improve.  They hated being drug to therapy.  It was a massive interruption to their days, with no improvements.  Even their psychiatrist commented that if nothing has improved then maybe it would be better to stop.

So what do I do now?  I have to admit that it is painful watching Joey attempt to make friends while at the park.  His OCDs constantly telling him to just keep talking about Pokemon or even Roblox (his new favorite game), or even today while at softball just wanting to continually ask someone whether or not they have an Xbox and why don't they have any Xbox.  There are so many advantages to having one.

I guess I will continue to watch the social stories with them.  Continue to encourage them and correct them when I hear them become overbearing to someone they just met.  Just the way any parent would when trying to help a "typical" child.  Ok...let's admit the truth....a lot more aggressively than with a "typical" child.  Maybe someday...maybe someday......oh I know someday I won't have to worry about the same things anymore.

How about anyone out there.....are you still working on therapies?  Have you seen progress with any?  Anything new that we might be missing out on?

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