Monday, August 13, 2012

What we are up to this week....

We are going to be working on the American Revolution.  This is going to be an ongoing project for the next two months.  There is just so much to learn.  So the kids are going to continue watching Liberty Kids and I am reading the Magic Tree House Revolutionary War Non-fiction guide with them. There are several other books we are reading also, including the MTH Revolutionary War fiction book also.   Mary Pope Osborn is a wonderful author!!!

Math-Continue addition in Math U See
Science - We will be finishing our bird unit this week...and dissecting owl pellets...yuck!
Social Studies- We will be finishing our study using America's Natural Resources more wisely
Manner-Play our manners game and read American Girls
Literature - Finish up Wizard of Oz and Start the Heroines of the Past Study (watch for the upcoming review)
Handwriting - Whatever she wants to practice
Reading - Reading Kingdom (where she practices typing also)
Grammar - First Language Lessons - starting new parts of speech

Continuing the same as last week.....
Math-Teaching Textbooks
Science - Christian Chemistry for Kids
Reading - Diary of a Wimpy kid and he will be starting Andrew Lost
Typing - Looking for a typing program online that he will enjoy.  He's changed on me again...ugh!
Grammar - Time 4 Writing
Comprehension - Various scholastic workbook activities
First Aid - Continuing his 4H curriculum

Pretty much the same
Math-Teaching Textbooks
Science - Penguins
Reading - Magic Tree House
Handwriting and typing practice
Grammar- Rod and Staff #3
Comprehension - Various Scholastic Workbook activities
Feline - Purrfect pals project - 4H

Starting Explore the Code Book B ---- Letter Pp the next two weeks
Math - Scott Foresman math program and some Team Umi zoomi
Science - Pond Life
Reading - Pond books and Scooby Doo
Art - Bean Mosaic Turtle and another pond project...haven't decided what yet.

We are tying up some loose ends on a couple projects this week.  Next week, we will just be reading because we are heading on our big trip starting Wednesday.  They will almost have the week basically off from book work.  We will start school back up while we are in TN the last week of the month.  I also need to take a week off to get packing for the much to do!!!

Everyone have a wonderful week!!!

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  1. What's your manners game? I'm working on manners with my kids and would love to hear about it (sorry if I missed it somewhere on your site) - thanks!