Monday, August 27, 2012

What we are up to this week....

We really haven't been MIA....we have been on break.  We took last week off in preparation of our two week trip with Daddy.  We spent a few days last week in Philadelphia exploring a few historic locations.  It was fun!!!

This week we are in Tennessee with daddy, he has to be at the office.  So we are just hanging out and exploring some more around Middle Tennessee.  But we started school back this week.

We are pretty much staying the same.  But because I didn't feel like changing around with Teaching Textbooks (aka Changing computers)...I brought the boys some level 3 math booklets to work on for math.  Basic reinforcement.

Lydia and Caty will keep on with their regular Math.  All of their stuff packs and travels with

Brayden will be working on a Llama book for Life Science.  And both boys have a fun Reading Comprehension book that I got from Scholastic.  Very neat book!

Caty has her Hot Dots Jr. and a few other activities on top of her regular math and Explore the Code activities.  We are finishing up Letter P this week.  Because she saw the Letter S book, and got really excited to hear it.

Lydia and I have started her American Girl Marie-Grace and Cecile books and activities for American Girl Club.

As a group we will continue our study of the American Revolution.  We are going to concentrate on life in Colonial America and the reasons that the Colonists started getting taxed so bad.  We are still watching Liberty Kids and the kids each have a Dover Coloring book on the Revolutionary War.  They started coloring in them last week.

We will be hanging out a couple days at the hotel, because not sure what we are going to do yet.  I have some ideas, but have been dealing with some nasty manicky behaviors from Joey the last few days.  He's upset that we need to go gluten free for him, but I can tell it's needed.  The last few days when he sneaks what he isn't supposed to eat....he gets and upset stomach and uncontrolled mood swings.  So staying in a hotel room has been an interesting experience.

Hope everyone has a great week!!!!

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