Saturday, September 1, 2012

I knew that people were starring at us.....

Have you ever had one of those days where your kids are just not acting quietly?  Or maybe you have had the experience of a tantrum errupting over a toy or a piece of candy?  Or the kids were just plain tired and they were loud?

Well these are normal circumstances for us.  After a second doctor has made comments about medication for the girls....I got a strong kick that life will never be "normal" for us.  We will never live in a Norman Rockwell world.  Ours will be more like "The Scream".....

Everywhere I go, we feel like this....

Someone is usually bothered by some noise....or distracted by something amazing they see.  Someone is skipping or walking on their tiptoes, or speaking too loud.  A simple trip into a rest area while we have been traveling is a small nightmare while we keep reminding them to keep their voices down and use manners.  No for cars......stay within arm reach of us.......the list of reminders is endless.  I feel like a walking circus of Joey laughing manickly at something...usually only he knows, Brayden is either fighting us about something or walking too far ahead of us.  Lydia is walking to fast or whining loudly.  And Caty is constantly distracted and her little legs can take her fast!!!

I know people are starring since I have to raise my voice louder than I need to be speaking to get their attention.  They are wondering who the crazy women with the disruptive and misbehaving kids are....and why would they leave their house and embarass themselves.

In all honesty, when we go out places this is how I feel I should be.

And I am not trying to be mean here when I say this.  But when I take the 4 kids out to places, by myself, there is always some distraction that is drawing a child away from me.  Brayden tries to lead the way, but gets too far ahead.  Lydia fighting to be in front of him.  Joey grumping at the rear, and Caty trying to be cool for both her older brother and sister...and not sure to be with them or .....wait.....ooooohhhhh did you see that puppy......

I threaten to put them all on leashes, but really in all honesty, I think it's a good idea.   Wednesday is a great example of this.  We are at Cheekwood Botanical Garden for the Treehouse exhibit and Brayden gets distracted and wanders off from me while I was helping Lydia climb down the rope ladder (her foot was caught in a rope).  He was there, I turned around to say something about moving to the next treehouse and he was gone!  Just a matter of moments he was lost in the crowd.  Caty is quick and fell into a creek which she shouldn't have been by because Lydia ran off distracted by a group of kids chasing a salamander and she followed her.  And this all happened in the few moments while I was snapping a pic of Brayden.  Literally in under a minute.

Today while walking around Opry Mills Hotel Garden, they all kept wandering while starring at the ceiling and down into the streams or at the waterfalls......Joe and I each were trying to watch two kids and I kept counting by 4s.

But I know people are starring at us.....and they have no idea that we know that Brayden walking on his tiptoes and skipping ahead of us might be inappropriate where we are at that time....but it took several months to get to that point.  They have no idea the battle it was to get out and to that location....and yes their voices are a little loud...and yes we are trying to control their levels....but the battle was won and we made it.

It annoys us to have people stare and look at the kids or us as their parents.  They give their disapproving nods and roll their eyes.....of which I just roll my eyes back at their self-righteous attitude.  Because they may say spanking is the answer and we do not discipline them.  HaHAHAHAHAH!!!  That is sooooo funny.  So far I have not had a person brave enough to actually say something to me....and one day someone will....I know it.  I just hope for their sake that they don't catch me off guard and at a stressed time....because they will not like my reply.

I do remember how I feel though when I am out shopping without the kids.  If I hear a kid screaming in a store or a parent giving stern warnings.  I smile and keep going and don't stare.  If they try to apologize, I laugh it off and just say I understand....4 kids with various degrees of issues.  I just say...You are doing a great job! and move on.  I can enjoy the silence in my van on the way

Do people stare at your family?  Do you have loud kids.......if you have any suggestions, please feel free to post.  And if anyone knows where to get a leash for 120 pound child....please let me know.  I definitely need something to keep them safe!!!

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