Saturday, September 1, 2012

Oh..Oh...Oh....Heard it on the Radio

We had the coolest opportunity to tour a local radio station.  

 Cumulus is home to these radio channels.  They just now signed up to be part of iHeart Radio.

The DJ from 93.5...Tim.
 He let us scream "hello" live on the radio, while doing a commercial.
Tim did an awesome job telling us about the fast changing world of radio, and how it's kind of a depleting career choice.  He explained the importance of having a confident voice.  And showed us how radio has now turned into mostly computers.  We also learned how he does voice-overs for commercials.  And how radio is paid for (Commercials about $150.00 for just about a minute).

He explained that songs are chosen by test groups and those are then programmed to play.  Everything in their unit of offices is run by a central computer.

We also visited the country station that I grew up listening too.  

I felt guilty about listening to my Sirius radio in my van....didn't realize that Sirius made that much of an impact on radio stations and their sponsors that they get.  The less people they have listening, the less chances of keeping some sponsors.  And of course, those sponsors pay the bills.......

But I really love listening to the Nashville station while I am at home......and Joe loves the comedy channels......and the kids love Radio Disney.  I guess I just need to make more of an effort to listen local....not just buy!!!

If you have a station in your's a great fun trip.  Give them a call, and see what radio is all about!!!

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