Sunday, September 23, 2012

Little Learning Lovies Giveaway

We recently discovered the cutest learning supplements that the girls have fallen in love with.

Have you gotten a chance to visit Little Learning Lovies store?

I had a hard time deciding what to fact I should say I had a hard time not buying too much and staying on Even with their reasonable prices, I loved all the items.

There is a wide selection of games to encourage reading, math, and handwriting.

Sandra has created fun file folder games. And fun organization materials for the parents/teachers also. In fact these materials are made for both home use if you are homeschooling or even for classroom use.

In fact, this 2012 Curriculum planner kit is Free!!!

This is an example of a site word set...with one of our favorite themes...dinosaurs!!  What a time saver for busy teachers.  Just print and laminate!  Instant practice!  And for the low price of $3.00....what a deal!

One of our favorite purchases is Alphabet UNO!

Lydia knows her alphabet, but loves to play UNO.  Caty though is working on learning her alphabet.   So I was very excited to see how well she would like this game.  The download was super simple, and I printed them, laminated and cut them out.

We now keep this game on our school table and we play it everyday after we finish our work.  The cards are small for little hands.  Alphabet UNO travels very easily and you can print out a very cute box to keep it in.  I was out of cardstock, so I didn't print the box yet.  We are just keeping them in a small pencil case right now.

Hours and hours of fun we have had so far.  There are many ways that you can play, make up your own rules One game we play simply by listing what letter it is, another version we play is making the sound that is shown.  A version that we have just started is listing other words that start with that sound.

We also purchased Count to 100 Writing Challenge.  Lydia and Caty are both working on letter/number formation.  Actually with her visual perception delay, Lydia is struggling with reversing her numbers and letters all the time.  So this activity is great to practice not only her counting, but handwriting.  Again, it was a super simple download.  I then laminated the pages and included them in our travel notebook.  We use dry-erase crayons to practice writing.

She's still not a fan of handwriting, but she loves the little animals on the pages.  So they keep her attention.

We have been thoroughly enjoying our new items from Little Learning Lovies, and can't wait to get more. And we feel so honored that they are allowing us to give away 2-$10 gift certificates to their website. We will be running the giveaway until Midnight (EST) on September 29th. There are multiple chances to enter below.

We will contact the winners by email.

Everyone have a great time exploring Little Learning Lovies.  You can visit Sandra's blog - Little Learning Lovies also.


  1. I really like the look of the Noun Town- Journey to Verb Village. I think that would benifit our homeschool.

  2. I definitely want some of those file folder games for our pre-schooler to do while the older kids "do school". :)

  3. We could benefit from any of it! Looks like it's right in the range for most of the kids. Great prices!

  4. I really like the math games and realistic coin pictures!

  5. File Folder games are a big hit here.

  6. I really like the Pre-Writing super pack! Looks great!

  7. 2012 Curriculum Planner