Friday, September 7, 2012

Our Weekly Adventures - Week 14

In my life this week.....

Our second full week living in a hotel.  It's now been 2 1/2 weeks in hotels and having fun filled (and whiny) adventures.  Some places we loved, others not.  It's been a rough couple weeks for us and the kids.  We do better if we stay in one place for more than one week.  This trip we have been in 3 different hotels in 3 different cities.  So alot of change in a short time.  Brayden has been doing well with things, but Joey not good at all.  Brayden is just now starting to rebel the last couple days.  He threw a tantrum yesterday at the zoo, and has regressed to eating only one item all week, and that is soft pretzels.  He also needs a Nestle Crunch ice cream bar everyday.  Not a great diet.  He won't even eat his baby carrots, although he ate some grapes on a side to his pretzel.

We are finally heading home and back to reality tomorrow.  I was already looking at my schedule for next week and I am ready to cry.  I feel a bit energized and also a bit scared trying to fit back into the schedule/routine that we had started before all the craziness of our trip.  Next week is going to be rough.  But we need to get back into a routine.

In our homeschool this week.....

This trip to St. Louis has included a lot of exploring.  We did schoolwork one day in the hotel and then we gave up.  We are so exhausted everyday from our adventures that schoolwork is nearly impossible.  We are reading though.  Lydia and I have started Book 3 of the American Girl Marie-Grace and Cecile adventures.

Places we're going....

We visited the Gateway Arch, St. Louis Zoo, Butterfly House, Indoor Carousel, Anneheiser-Bush tour, Magic House, and swam everyday.  Busy...busy....busy.......

I'm cooking...

Just the basic stuff.  We had chicken drumettes with pasta and peas.  We did make a meal I found on a Turkish website to go with our study of the Country of Turkey for World Travelers.  It was gorund chicken, cumin, salt, pepper, and we left out the onions.  There was also some egg in it and I used a little bit of rice flour as a binder.  The kids wouldn't eat them...even though they are basically the same chicken burgers I make at home, I just added cumin this time.

Pictures from our week.....

I warn you....lots of upcoming blog posts about all our adventures.

We went to St. Louis Zoo
The girls and I discovered an American Girl store right down the street from us.
Rode an indoor carousel many times....
Visited the Butterfly house in Chesterfield, MO at Faust Park
 We went to the top of the Gateway Arch.
 We toured the Anheuser Brewery.
 Played in the pool alot!!
 Visited the Missouri Transportation Museum
 Visited Magic House
Visited the American Pickers store in Nashville, TN.
 Learned more about Patsy Cline at the Country Music Hall fo Fame
 Visited Opry Mills Hotel and Gardens

We have had an action packed trip this time.  Lots to see and do!!!!  One more adventure today before we head home finally tomorrow.  We are visiting the St. Louis Art Museum at Forest Park.  Can't wait!!!

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  1. There is an American Girl store in St Louis?? Where please when we lived there we d to go to Chicago to the American Girl store. You guys got a lot done you sound like you travel like us non stop touring:)

    1. The store is at Chesterfield Mall. My rule when traveling is see as much stuff as we can that we cannot see around our own house. We didn't get to see Daniel Boone's house or the cemetary where Grant is buried. Could use a few more days here (and alot more money!!)

  2. Looks like a grand time! We enjoyed the American Girl store in Atlanta this summer. Have a safe trip home and enjoy your weekend!