Friday, September 28, 2012

Our Weekly Adventures - Week 17

In my life this week....

Never a dull moment.  I used to crave excitement, was bored if something wasn't going on around me at all times.  I hardly slept and would work constantly so that I was always busy.  I loved retail because I was always busy and very little repeat.  Now I crave boredom.....I dream daily of being able to sit and do nothing and watch a show with my hubby without working on some project at the same time.  I know all of you out there understand this!!!

I have also been experiencing a nasty fibro flare up....I am hurting with every step I take or cup I pick up.  I know that you are supposed to keep moving and exercise even more during these flare-ups....but I am pretty sure the doctor that came up with that recommendation did not have any arthritis or fibro problems!!!  Because everyone wants to exert themselves even more when they can barely move due to pain and exhaustion.

This week we had severe mood swings....grouchiness (Joey)....poor Lydia caught a nasty cold.  Caty has a bladder infection and then had an allergic reaction to her meds.  Her leg got this huge welt on it, out of the blue in like 2 hours.  She says it is still a little sore today, so I said she didn't have to go to ballet.  A huge dose of Bendadryl and she was feeling more Sulfa drugs for her now.

We have been squeezing in schooling...and Brayden is the only one who I have had no problems with this week...SHockER!!

In our homeschool this week....

Lydia is learning subtraction.  Caty is working on counting to 20.  The girls and I have been rowing A Pair of Red Clogs.  The boys have been working on their regular math.  Brayden finished his Animal Homes unit and started learning about Giant Pandas.  Joey finished his SALT science study, and went back to his regular Chemistry.  We had a field trip to a Goat Farm on Wednesday...which the boys refused to go on, but the girls and I enjoyed.  Lydia missed stuff due to just not feeling well from a weird cold she caught.  We have been fitting school in....sometimes in the evening.

We discovered a cool set of videos for Joey's science this week...even an old classic Disney Science video.

What is working for us this week....

I have been making the boys a to-do list for their schoolwork each day.  I write it out on an index card.  I mark what they need to do with me, and they work on their own on the other projects (knowing that I will be checking them).  So far this is working better for them than their regular workboxes....not sure why though.  We are going to keep working on this though.

What I am reading....

A tax book....yep a tax book.  I am working on an upcoming review for National Tax Training School.  Lots and lots to

What I am cooking.....

I wanted to make cookies and just ran out of time.  I owe the kids some cinnamon cookies.  I did make a sweet potato pudding from our historical cookbook to take to a homeschool lecture....but some body pulled out in front of me and it dumped all over the van floor.  Yuck!  I was so upset!!  I did make an Asian Noodle dish for our Japanese was pretty tasty.  Going to make some chicken and dumplings this weekend.  I did cook....we didn't!

Photos to share from our week....

Caty doing math.  We were working on number recognition to 20.  We were pretending the elephants would run away if we didn't get them with their chains in the right length.  It was hilarious.
 Have you seen these great alphabet mazes from 1+1+1=1?  Caty really likes them!!!
 Everyone was tired this week...including Louie and Shadow.
 We visited a Goat farm and had goat was super yummy!!!
 Joey created a model of an atom.

We discovered The Magic Tree House Club on Currclick......Lydia and Brayden loved this!  Brayden is trying to read and watch all the recorded episodes.  Lydia really enjoyed watching this month's episode.
Caty enjoyed 'Dancing with Teddy' during music time....she was dancing with her favorite pink elephant.
We didn't get all the projects done for Our Five in a Row project....A Pair of Red Clogs, so we will be finishing that next week.  We had a good week of a more relaxed learning though.  We did do an American Girl project also.  Since Cecile's father is a stone mason, we practiced what it could be like.  The girls carved foam blocks.  The project is still in it next week.  This was fun!

Linking up with other Homeschool Mom's at Homeschool Mothers Journal at iHomeschool Network.  Everyone have a great a wonderful and relaxing weekend!