Sunday, September 30, 2012

Rowing our Way through- A Pair of Red Clogs

This week we rowed the book A Pair of Red Clogs.

We also read The Runaway Kite and did some activities from A Trip Around the World.  Since we have already "visited" Japan last year during World Geography, we felt like we were repeating some things.  We watched some tourism videos from Japan on YouTube and of course found Japan on our globe.

We also watched the Disney movie "Babies" because there is a baby in there from Tokyo.

Since they visited a shop to buy shoes, Lydia and I worked on math skills by setting up a fake store with play money.  (These were in her new Brownie book from Girl Scouts...I laminated them and cut them out so we can use them repeatedly.)

We enjoyed eating our lunch Japanese style.  We had peanut noodles with chicken.  Caty loved it!  The others not so much.

But even Brayden sat down and ate with us.
Lydia and I played around with Google Translate.  We just kept typing in various phrases.
And Lydia thought it was fun to copy the phrases in both English and Japanese.  This picture turned out really dark for some reason.

We also talked about whether or not you could really predict weather using your shoe.  We talked about old-wives tales and legends we heard from my Grandfather who was part Cherokee.  Then we discussed how we really learn about the weather now.  We also watched this DK video, a purchase that has been well worth it.  We pull it out anytime we have a weather discussion, just as a refresher.

Because Kites are so important for the Children's Festival, the girls decorated small kite cut-outs. They used stickers and painted with dried out markers.  The markers were a different art dip them in water and use them like paint brushes.

Next week we will be rowing through:  Who Owns the Sun?...