Monday, October 1, 2012

What we are up to this week....

We actually only have 2 field trips this  We are going to the Art Museum tomorrow and then riding on a Canal boat on Friday.  Neither one of the boys want to go on either trip, go figure.

The boys are working on learning more about Pilgrims.  The girls and I are working on a small unit on Slavery to go with our Five in a Row book.  The nice thing is that since there was slavery in the Colonies, we have not been totally knocked off from our American Revolution study, even though we have been kind of laying low while the boys work on this other program for a couple weeks.  

Joey is starting work on the Periodic Table for Chemistry.  And he will be finishing up his Top Secret Adventures unit to Japan.

Brayden is learning about giant pandas.  He is also trying a new project on silly sentences.  We have story blocks, and every day he is supposed to create 2 sentences with these blocks.  He is supposed to copy them down and we will combine them at the end of the week.  This ought to be interesting.

Lydia is working on subtraction still, and doing wonderfully.  She is starting a new reading/writing program tomorrow.  And Caty will be joining in on this program also.  Caty will continue with numbers and patterns.

This week, we will be rowing Who Owns the Sun for our Five in a Row study.  The girls will be learning about simple machines, the sun, seasons, and doing some cute art projects.

The state we are learning about for Geography is Delaware.  

Everyone have a wonderful week!!!

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