Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The Kuehners' visit Washington D.C.

So we left Philadelphia and the kids were allowed fast food.  You can tell how excited they are to be allowed McDonalds....I think they hugged this statue more than they hugged me that day!
When we made it to DC from Philly a couple hours later, Brayden was enthralled with feeding the pigeons.  He had to feed them snacks, because they get hungry too!
 Everyone but Joey had fun with this.
 The kids and I posing with the Capital in the background.
 With the Washington Monument.  We got to have a great discussion about why there are 2 different colored bricks used building the monument.  Do you know why?  Bricks...Washington Monument.
 Looking at the beauty of the WWII Memorial.
 It was a long....long....long hike to the Lincoln Memorial!
 You can tell by their faces how exhausted they were!
 Joey chilling outside the Lincoln Memorial.  He was having a rough day.
Yes....I let him slide down the marble.  Crucify me...but it was one of the few smiles we saw that day!
 Another view of the Reflecting Pool, which opened up about 2 weeks after we were there.
 Because they were so warm and exhausted, we took a taxi back to the van.  It was worth the $12.00!!
 Speeding past the Jefferson Memorial.
 Next stop Smithsonian...American History Museum!

 You can not take pictures of the actual flag....but it was amazing to see it.  And now that we are up to talking about symbols of our Nation, the kids remember seeing it and Lydia was excited to remember it while we were doing our reading the other day!
 Trying to do laundry in this
 The whole reason we chose this Smithsonian...the REAL Dorothy shoes!!!
 Plymouth Rock
 Abraham Lincoln pocket watch
 A quinenceterra dress....the girls loved this dress!
 How sad.....Joe and I both remember these computers.  And they are in the Smithsonian :(
 Got to love homeschooling...and the fact we are studying the Revolution!!!

George Washington was a surveyor also.
 Pretending to be President

 Toys from children in the White House

This is a kid's paints..from early 1900s.
 Abraham Lincoln's hat.
 Furniture that belonged to George Washington
 This was sooooooooooo....did I mention soooooooooooo disturbing.  They used to collect hair from people who had passed away.  This is hair from the original Presidents...WOW!!

 Our only view of the White's too complicated to see it now.

This is what we did with a few hours (6 hours to be exact) in Washington DC....we could have stayed a couple weeks.  Maybe in the future.  There's so much to see and do there.

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