Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Saving money----taking the kids pictures

For our anniversary last year, Joe bought me a digital SLR that we found for a great price.  I still wasn't sure I would like it.  And I know that it can do things I still haven't figured out yet.  But one of the things I can now do is take the kids portraits without paying a high sitting fees or order prints that cost way too much!  I am always on the lookout for great places, and so when we were in Nashville this trip I packed special clothes just to take the kids pictures.  We took these at Cheekwood Garden in Nashville, TN

Not sure why her name didn't show up on this print....but I love that look on her face!
 Not really getting a print of has such a strong Austin Powers feel to
 Got him to look at the camera once....but I really like this picture of him.  You know its true Brayden!

Bet you can't guess who was hardest to get to smile and cooperate....a big round of applause if you said!!!

You figure sitting fees and packages times 4 kids.....and then add in reprints.....It will cost roughly $20.00 per kid to order their prints, and that is a high figure.  So I definitely save some money!  Our camera will print up to a I can even get my wall print!

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