Saturday, September 15, 2012

The Story of Ping - Five in a Row study

This week we rowed through The Story of Ping.  It's been a while since we rowed, and we tried to do as much as we could throughout our busy week.  We concentrated on a lot of Science activities, but we did touch base with some Geography.

Coloring Chinese Flag and finding China on the globe.
For our Science Experiments this week...

Reflection... We set the box up and drew the curtains shut to get the room dark.  We then tried to have the light from the flashlight reflect onto the white paper.

 We used all kinds of objects to see what would and would not reflect.
 Sink or float....
 How do ducks stay dry.  We used olive oil to "preen" our hands.  Then tried pouring water over them and watched the water bead up.
 We didn't have any feathers, so we used paper bags like the book suggested.  This worked out well!!  One bag was treated with olive oil, and the other left alone.  They sprayed both with water and watched what happened.  The one with olive oil remained water was really neat!

 Because Ping had so many aunts, uncles and cousins, we again did a family tree to remind us of our family.  This was a pretty simple printout and we added cousins and lines.  But we decided that we do not have enough cousins to compete with Ping.

 For our meal to go with Five in a Row this week....

Hm egg drop soup w/ egg roll
 And chicken fried rice w/ an egg rolls.
 We also watched:

For art they made ducks by following verbal instructions.  They did this while watching the Story of Ping being read on YouTube.

A friend also sent us some wonderful information that is current about the Yangtze River turned red mysteriously....poor Ping.  

While we were visiting a local historical village....we got to see ducks eating.  Caty was laughing about seeing 'duck butt' was quite comical.  But all the kids riding the train thought that is was neat.

Next week we will be rowing our way through Lentil....


  1. waoh, is amazing the things you do. My husband and I have been thinking about homeschooling.I love your blog very informative :)

  2. Your blog is like the 6th one I have seen who did something with Ping this week! My youngest loved that story all those years ago! Looks like you guys had a great week