Monday, September 17, 2012

What we are up to this week....

Another busy week ahead of us.  I have to stop scheduling so many field trips!!!

This week we start back sports.  Joey is doing soccer.  Brayden is doing bowling.  The girls are both taking ballet, and Lydia is doing gymnastics.  Lydia is starting back violin, and Joey starts back guitar...which really turns into all the kids trying to play.

Field trips this week include a trip to the apple orchard, a car museum, the Zoo's Homeschool Days.  Another full

We will most likely be doing school work in the evenings alot this week.  But that's the beauty of flexibility in homeschooling.

In History, we are going to catch up with Life in Colonial America.  We are working on perfecting chocolate custard we found in The American History Cookbook.  We will attempt that again this week.  Last night I tried it, but it didn't turn out the way we wanted it too.  I forgot to add the eggs (I couldn't find the book when I needed it.)

In Geography, we are going to learn a bit about Connecticut.  We are going to start our Road Trip USA study.

In Math, the boys will continue Teaching Textbooks.  Although I am going to throw a couple review sheets at them.  Lydia will be practicing her addition this week before starting subtraction next week.  I have a Strawberry Shortcake math workbook she is going to work on, using her Math U See blocks.  Caty will continue her preschool math book and number recognition to 20.

In Science, the girls will be working on sound and senses (to go with our FIAR book Lentil).  Brayden is learning about Animal Homes.  Joey will continue his learning about Salt.

In Grammar, the boys will be continuing Rod and Staff Grammar 3.  They are making improvement!  Lydia is working on Reading Kingdom, and Caty is working on her phonics with Explore the Code....Letter Ss.

For American Girl we will continue reading Book 4 of the Marie-Grace and Cecile.  I am running a bit dry on activities for this set.  New Orleans in the 1850s.  So we are going to learn about an author that grew up in New Orleans and practice his art, Mo Willems.  Next week we will learn about a musician from there.

Our Five in a Row book this week is Lentil.

Lydia is going to be starting French on the computer, and all the kids are going to be playing on ZooWhiz...a new program we are reviewing.

That is mostly our week....Everyone have a great week!!!!

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