Friday, October 26, 2012

Our Weekly Adventures - Week 21

In my life this week.....
Been a rough week for fibro.  My friends are suffering too.  This fall weather is pretty nasty on things like this.  We have been very busy with projects and various programs that the girls are enjoying.  They are loving art classes this year.  So we are really centering around art and I am trying to keep all projects and classes flowing together and not bouncing too much information at them at once.  The information is not going to help them without making sense to them.

I have made a couple more adjustments in curriculum for Joey.  He's not enjoying the Top Secret studies, and he's not getting anything out of them.  So we will be creating our own studies in the area of World Geography for Joey.  Also going to be putting together some units on the election process and he wants to learn about the court system.  So we will be utilizing the library alot.  He seems to learn well this way right now, so we are going to go with what works.  It's a lot more extra work for me, but since technically I am responsible for his's worth it.

Places we have been going....

We went to the Art museum and we also had the art class that I teach this week.  I wasn't feeling well Tuesday, so we had to cancel our Science Museum trip.  We also went to the Symphony.  We have been to the park enjoying what may be the last of the warm weather of this year.  Lydia has been playing outside a lot too.

What I have been cooking....

Froze some stuffed green peppers and chicken meatballs this week.  Also made up a new chicken fried rice recipe.  It was super yummy.  I attempted rice bread which didn't turn out great.  So will try again next week.

What I have been reading....

Still not reading for fun...I know it's sad.  I am reading so much for the kids for their various curriculums and clubs, that I am reading.  Just not what may be my first choice.  But I have gotten a better knowledge of Paul Revere and Thailand!

In our homeschool this week......

Lydia had gymnastics.
 We actually have had two art museum tours in the last couple weeks.  This was last week.  We learned about animals in art.

 Our Art class on Monday.  We learned how artists can use photographs to help in their art.  Caty pretty much does her own thing during project time, which is fine since she is 4.  She is learning how to use so many new materials for art though.  This week the kids started using oil pastels.
 Lydia drew Lucy.
And a picture of me.
 After class we needed to wait on grandma at her appointment, so we went to the park.  The weather this week is absolutely wonderful!!!

It was such a nice day that daddy went with us to another local park to play.  Brayden balked and balked, but we made him go with us.
 Yeah....that's me showing Caty how to hang upside down.  There should be an age limit for doing
 Daddy and Joey on the swings.
 Playing on the merry-go-round.
 He eventually came out of the van.
He took this picture of daddy and I.

Bronco Joey being silly
 Wednesday the girls and I went to the Toledo Symphony to hear them play dance music through the years.  Since we were going to the Symphony, we dressed up.
You can put a monkey in a dress...but you can't take the monkey anywhere.
 Grandma and the girls waiting to be seated.
We might have had field trips every day this week....but we did do

Lydia working on her phonics.
We bought the girls Scholastic News subscriptions.  These are nice.  They have online material including videos, games, and an interactive magazine.  Lydia is really enjoying this, and Caty just started this week (her subscription was running a few weeks behind).
 In our co-op, we are learning about Monet.  Lydia is working on her own version of a Monet with watercolor pencils.  It'll be done for next week's post.
Joey working on his science.  He is using Intellego Unit Studies, he's working on the Chemistry unit.  He likes having the interaction with the on line.  I like that I can print his science notes for his notebook.  It includes experiments and tests/quizzes also.
This experiment shows how fast gas particles disperse in the air.  It's baking soda and vinegar with a candle burning.  
 When you add the vinegar to the baking the flame.

 Then try to light the candle immediately....

The oxygen has been cut off.  There is none left, because the chemical reaction from the vinegar and baking soda have cut off all the oxygen in the bowl.  Thus it breaks the triangle of what a fire needs to burn.  It took about 4-5 minutes for the bowl to clear in order to relight the candle.  It was very neat!

We had American Girl Club this week.  This was our last meeting for Cecile and Marie-Grace.  Lydia and I are almost done with the books, so we will have a post next week with all that we done with this book series.  The book store that is allowing us host our club there has a stuffed bear that they hide and if you find him, you get a free book.  Lydia found Uka.
 These are from last week.  We went and bought some pumpkins from a local stand.  The girls love it. And we all love fresh pumpkin!!

Linking up with other homeschool moms at Homeschool Mothers Journal.....Hope everyone had a wonderful week!!!

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