Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Touring a Goat Farm....

We had this wonderful opportunity given to us...a newly opened goat farm that makes their own cheeses allowed us to visit and tour their facility.

Looking in the sterile room at where the cheeses are started.

Where they add flavors for the various spreads...MMMmmmm...
Resting in salt water brine (making yummy gouda)
They can stay in this water brine for months and not go bad.
Aging the cheese...temperature controlled.  the blocks are waxed and turned once a week.  You can see what happens after a couple months (top shelf versus bottom shelf)

Showed us how they wax the cheese.

Milk collection tank
Where they collect the milk.

Enjoying the goats
While we were there, they were starting a batch of gouda.  They have to watch the temperatures very closely.

This was such an exciting trip...and I discovered that I can eat gouda goat cheese!!  Whoohooo!!!  But we unfortunately discovered that Lydia has a sensitivity to goat cheese :(  Go figure.  We bombarded this farm, there was about 75 homeschoolers and their families.  But it was so much fun and neat to see how our food is made!


  1. I think it is funny to be at a goat farm with the name of Turkey farm. Do they have other animals there as well, it made me chuckle. What a great field trip.

    1. Never even thought about Didn't have any turkeys that I saw.