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What Can You Use for Real Beeyoutiful Skin....



I am trying my best to switch to a healthier lifestyle, for both myself and my family.  In the last two years, I have discovered a large amount of food allergies that carry over into health and beauty products also.  I have sensitivities to soy and soy based products, which can severely limit me on a lot food and health items.  I get so aggravated at reading labels.

I was pretty excited to get the chance to try a different kind of makeup, a natural makeup that does not contain a bunch of fillers, scents or preservatives.  If I am trying to avoid that stuff in my food, I realized that I really need to start being more cautious in what I am putting on my skin since our skin absorbs everything you put on it.

What makes Beeyoutiful Skin's Mineral Makeup so special?

Beeyoutiful Skin's mineral powders are made from crushed minerals taken from the earth's surface that are safe for skin.  These same minerals can be found in other make up, but Beeyoutiful does not contain all the binders, fillers, preservatives and fragrances that other counter makeup contains.  Beeyoutiful Mineral Powders are gluten free, and vegan!!!  There is no dangerous animal testing, or dangerous cancer causing chemicals.  It's sweat-proof and water resistant.  

I had the opportunity to try Beeyoutiful Skin's Mineral Makeup foundation and eye color.  Now this was a new experience for myself, since I am not used to applying a makeup that is not a prepared liquid foundation and pressed powder.  It was what I was showed to use when I was younger, and I just never changed.  Fortunately, there is a DVD that you receive that shows you the best technique to apply their makeup.  If not for this, I would've had it all wrong.  I highly recommend this DVD because it not only shows you the best technique for your foundation, but some great eye makeup application also.  As well as, applying their blush and lip color.

So I'll get you started on my journey.....(and I am not fond of these pics, so this is how much I like the makeup...I'm allowing pictures of my face to be  This is the foundation brush ($11.00) that I used to apply the foundation.

No can see my rosy red cheeks due to my health issues.  The red cheek area is pretty normal for me and something I try to cover up, mainly due to my sensitivity about it.

This is after applying Beeyoutiful Mineral Foundation ($25.00) on one side of my more red cheek!!  
 The unfinished side of my face....
You can see the redness and skin issues, including dryness.  The light coating of Beeyoutiful mineral foundation covered this up!  The process took just a few seconds.  So the overwhelming thought in my mind was why did I have myself scared how much extra time special "natural" make up would take.

I then added Beeyoutiful Eye Shadow.  Using this combo brush ($6.50)...

I actually moistened the brush slightly (you can use just a drop of water..and not even a full drop of water or Laveshmint Hydrating Toner ($14.00) to allow for a smooth and long-lasting eye color and foundation).  I actually used two colors, Cinnamon Sparkle on the lower part of my eye and for the upper part of my eye Apricot Shimmer.

You can see the great coverage that this product provides.  The left side of my face shows no red (or those dreaded age lines), but you can see the red on the right side of my face.

You can also use their eye color on your lips, simply mix it with lip balm or a small amount of water.  I had a hard time thinking this was ok, but I did try it.  Unfortunately it did not last long with water, oh and my coffee cup.  I did not have any clear lip balm (and kept forgetting to get any).  But with some of the great shades available, I plan to order some more colors and some lip balm to try and find the best combination to handle my to-go coffee mug.

Again, this process did not take long to put on.  I am always wondering about amount of time, since I have so much extra to work  I had myself worried that putting on this makeup would take too long.  It did not at all.  I usually had makeup done in a matter of a few minutes, as long as kids were not interrupting me constantly.

How long does it last?  I do not have a picture of me in full make up after a long day of chasing kids through gymnastics and the art museum, but the make up did hold up to my oily/dry skin combo face.  My face never felt or looked "cakey" with make up.

You can purchase these products from Beeyoutiful Skin Mineral Makeup.  If there are colors you are unsure whether they will work with your complexion, they allow you to buy samples of the colors so that you can try them before buying a full-size container.  Not too many companies offer that option.   Beeyoutiful Skin Mineral Makeup Foundation is $25.00 for 2.78 grams.  It lasts a very long time.  With the special technique for applying their product, you really use the very slightest amount.  The same is true for the eye makeup.  To be very honest, I am shocked at the slightest amount that you use.

It's hard to see, but there is less than a pencil eraser amount. I had started mixing.  You simply add a mist of water or Laveshmint Hydrating Toner to your brush and mix with the  small amount of powder.  Then apply.

Beeyoutiful Skin Mineral Makeup provides you with lots of support.  They have videos online to help you with application of their products, and if you still prefer heavier application.....they show you how.  They also provide color charts so that you can find the perfect shade of foundation for your skin type.  

I was extremely skeptical when I first tried this makeup.  I was so worried about breakouts, hidden soy or other "inactive" ingredients that you find in other makeup brands.  I am very happy with these products.  I have had no skin reactions or breakouts. No clogged pores or even extremely dry/oily skin while using this product.  Normally my foundation highlights my dry skin areas, Beeyoutiful Skin Mineral Foundation does not do this.  The eye color is so easy to apply and lasts all day.  My old eye color would need to be reapplied later in the day, thus using more product and wasting some of my time.

Will I continue using Beeyoutiful Skin Mineral Makeup....YES.  I understand it does cost a little more, but it is hard to find a simple makeup that does not contain hidden ingredients that cause skin and health reactions.  It's also hard to find a good makeup that provides continuous coverage for my dual type skin.  The price is a little hard for me for the foundation, but the amount of time it's really inexpensive!!  Do I recommend this product?  YES!  Easy to apply and good for your skin, and it's a great value!!!  The colors available are tremendous. 

You can try Beeyoutiful Skin Mineral Makeup and Skin products by visiting their website.  You can purchase all of their products online, and also order samples ($1.00 for each color) if you are not sure of colors.  How easy is that!!!

Many of the Schoolhouse Review Crew has been trying Beeyoutiful Skin Mineral Makeup, visit the Crew blog to find out how they all felt about these products.

You can visit Beeyoutiful Skin Mineral Makeup on Facebook.

*****Disclaimer......I received Beeyoutiful Skin Mineral Makeup free of charge for the sole purpose of this review. I was not required to write a positive review. The views I have expressed are my own and are real experiences with my family. I am disclosing this is accordance with the Federal Trade Commission's 16 CFR, Part 255>:"Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising."


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