Monday, October 15, 2012

What we are up to this week...

We had such an easy week last  I didn't actually assign them any boxes.  This week will be different though.

We have a full field trip and activity schedule this week.

Monday the girls and I are going to the Firefighter Museum with our Troop.  Lydia has violin that night.  And Tuesday we will be visiting the Art Museum to learn about animals in art.  Tuesday night Lydia has gymnastics and we have our family Bible study.  Wednesday we will be home...all day!!!  Thursday Lydia has her first zoo class of the school year and then we have Girl Scouts after lunch.  Friday the Girls have co-op and ballet.  Oh and between all that we have school.

Lydia, Caty and I will be rowing our way through Madeline this week.  We will actually spend two weeks on this book.  The girls like Madeline and I am spreading out learning about our bodies.  Also with all our activities in the next two weeks, I want to make sure we give this book enough time!

Lydia and Caty will continue using PAL Reading program from IEW.  Lydia will continue working on addition and subtraction in her Math U See.  Caty will continue number recognition.

Lydia's Scholastic News for this week is on Fire Safety, which works well with the preparedness lessons we are working on for Girl Scouts this week.  Caty will be starting her level of Scholastic News as soon as they arrive in the next couple weeks.

Joey will be working on Chemistry for Science.  Continue his reading 30 minutes a day.  He will work on his Speekee Spanish.  He will also start his study for our latest Homeschool Club.  We have started an Adventure Club for Boys.  Our girls are enjoying their American Girl Club, so a group of moms decided we needed something for the  This month we will be learning about Paul Revere.  If I would've been thinking, it should've been John Smith so that we could've kept them in historical order.  He'll also have his typical spelling workbook and handwriting help because of his spelling.

Brayden will also be learning about Paul Revere.  His next Life Science book is on Alligators.  He will work on his regular spelling workbook.  He will also watch Speekee.

Both boys will continue their Pilgrim unit from Dayspring Christian Academy.

We also will be learning about Mongolia, since we didn't read much last week for World Travelers Club and we missed the meeting because of doctor appointments.

I think that is about all that I can cram into this

Everyone have a wonderful week!!


  1. After reading this, how many people could say your kids don't get enough socialization? Makes me laugh everytime someone asks me that questions and it usually is the first question I get about homeschooling! You are doing an awesome job! (Now, how about a little time to yourself?!!)

    1. Isn't that what grocery shopping is???? Not usually though, usually have the girls.

      It is funny how people jump on the whole socialization thing. I think homeschooling should be renamed. That name is a bit "old-fashioned" in our modern society. "Homeschooling" has evolved a lot in the last few years.

  2. YOu guys are so busy, don't know how you do it with 4 kids and everyone doing something different. I keep my two doing the same activities so it is easier on me:) Great job

    1. I usually have the boys in the same sports. I try to keep the girls clumped together and the boys clumped together. But the age difference makes it a challenge for some of their activities. Schoolwork doesn't work so well doing it together. They compete to answer questions, and meltdowns start. So we again....again had to adjust what we do.