Tuesday, October 16, 2012

We're going to the Zoo...Zoo...Zoo...The St. Louis Zoo

The boys do not love the zoo, but the girls do!   And everyone told me how wonderful the St. Louis Zoo was.  It was almost 100 degrees outside....really....really....really hot and muggy.

I got partial smiles....

 We visited the Tiger Sharks and Sting Rays first.  Lydia is actually feeding the Sting Ray here.  They feed them raw shrimp...She thought that was very cool!
 Caty dropped hers in the water, she was not going to let it eat off her hand.
They got to pet them too.
This was so cool!!!  The Sea Lions can swim above you.  We have been to shark tanks like this, but never a sea lion.

 Lydia is determined that some day she will be able to catch either the pheasant or bird.  She won't know what to do if she actually catches one.
 That is how I was feeling while pushing a stroller with about 200 pounds in it ... I really sympathize!
 This exhibit was closed and I was really disappointed.  This is the Flight cage from the 1904 World's Fair.  I really wanted to tour it, but they were doing some repairs that day.
 The St. Louis Children's Hospital had a first aid kit center set up.  The kids were able to make their own kits to carry.  Lydia thought this was great!
 The 1904 Flight Cage was closed, but wow!!! this exhibit made up for it.
 We were able to interact with this trainer.  He shared all about the Humboldt penguin.  Their diet and where they live.  It was very interesting.
 Then we entered Penguin Cove.....

 Those are real Rockhopper Penguins roughly 10 feet from me.  If I would've been stupid, I would've tried to pet them!  They were fighting here....very loud!!!
 He was swimming right in front of Caty and I...about 2-3 feet away!
First time we have ever seen Puffins.  Again...only a few feet away, in the open.
 Lydia loves seeing flamingos.  These are chilling and eating lunch, right next to our picnic area.
 These are Bongos from Kenya.
 Lydia checking out a giraffe.
 The Kangaroos and Wallaby.
 Lydia remembered learning about this animal for World Travelers Club....the Okapi.
 Joey loved the name of these, and snickered every time he read the words.  He did it repeatedly, we were already having a manicky day...they are Somali Wild Ass.
 The kids love collecting squished pennies!
 They also got buttons to remember their trip!
 The puffins were losing feathers.  We collected a few from the ground and saved them....lol.
 Lydia chose a zoo animal set for a souvenir.  She created her own zoo that night in the hotel while I was making supper.
It was a very nice zoo and if we ever get a chance to visit St. Louis again, we are definitely going to visit it.  There was so much we did not get to see.  I love traveling to other zoos.  We got to see so many more animals that our local zoo has to offer.

It was a 10 thumbs up for St. Louis Zoo day!!!


  1. I love the St Louis Zoo:) The Wild Somali Ass are threatened/endangered and there was talk of changing their name in order to get people to donate and care more about them...for some reason they are having a hard time raising money for them...can't understand why?:)

    1. Interesting....yeah I could see the name deterring a fundraiser. lol!!

  2. We love our zoo so glad you got to spend sometime there. The flight cage is awesome sorry it was closed. You walk right among the beautiful birds.