Monday, October 22, 2012

What we are up to this week.....

It's going to be another busy week.  We have Art Class, a trip to the Science Museum, a trip to the Symphony, 3-D art with Co-op and our American Girl Club.  And then there's actual school work.

The girls and I are rowing our way through Madeline.  We will be working on our bodies this week for Science.  Geography will be about France.  Both girls have new Scholastic magazines this week too.  Of course there is also Math and Phonics.

Joey started Math U See Gamma last week.  He will be finishing his book on Paul Revere for Adventure Club.  I have an engraving art project for him to work on, since this was one of the many jobs that Paul Revere had.  He is working on nouns and their use for Grammar.  He is using a cross between Rod and Staff Grammar and Grammaropolis for this area right now.  In Science he is reviewing States of Matter.  His typical spelling workbook, and his Top Secret Adventures he is starting is on Thailand.  He's semi-enjoying this program, so not sure how much long we will be doing it.  We will also be doing extra research for his project on Morocco for World Travelers Club.

Brayden will continue with Teaching Textbooks.  He will also be finishing his book on Paul Revere for Adventure club.  He doesn't want to do any extra projects, so not forcing him too.  As long as he can answer questions for me, I am happy.  Brayden will be working on Rod and Staff Grammar also.  In Science he will be completing his study on Alligators.  Since Brayden does not want to do anything for World Travelers Club, he is going to be working on a Geography program studying about maps and globes.

I switched up both boys workboxes.  With the room switches, we set up Joey a work area where he can go away from everyone else.  Brayden doesn't want a desk.  He wants a clipboard and his couch.  So I made him up a portable workbox so he can do his work as he wishes.  Yesterday seemed to go ok, so fingers crossed that this goes smoothly.  I'll post pics hopefully this week.

Both boys will be continuing with their study through Dayspring Christian Academy on the Pilgrim's story.

That's our week in a nutshell.....Hope everyone has a great week!!!

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  1. I just ordered this book to help my kids with mapping skills

    I will have to let you know if it is any good once I review it in person:)

    As always you have a busy week:)