Friday, November 30, 2012

Our Week in Pictures - Week 26

Don't you just love shopping second hand.  I always hit the game section of Goodwill.  I never know what cool board game I will find.  And I was not disappointed my last trip....Enter The Scrabble Alphabet Game.  This game allows you to have site words that you are collecting letters to spell out.  I switched out the game cards for our actual sight words for review.
 Lydia really likes this game....and it was only $2.00!!

She did two separate projects for Science this week.  One involved friction.  First she watches the explanation on Hooked on Science.  This the egg in a bottle experiment.

New way to separate eggs!!!  After 4 times I made her stop...she was wasting eggs.  She really liked this and now she wants to try other ways to see if the yolk will separate.  She came up with a list of barely cooked, partially cooked, and fully cooked.  So I will indulge her next week, because the longer she cooks the egg the more friction she will create.

Brayden had basketball this week.  The short season begins.
 Lydia went ice skating with some of her friends.  She LOVES ice skating.  Probably let her do classes in January again.  I am trying to balance her ever growing love of sports and activities.
Her other science experiment this week was about rust.  She experimented to see if salt water would rust a steel wool quicker than regular water.  I don't think she got enough salt in the water.  It rusted only slightly.

 But it rusted.
We had LEGO Club this week where the theme was Pilgrims and Thanksgiving.
The kiddos built some great projects.

 Right after LEGO Club is the Adventure Club for Boys.  The sisters are enjoying sitting in on this too. This month we had read about John Smith.  They practiced archery.
We made bows and arrows with paper clips.  One mom suggested adjusting the design by bending down the top clips so the rubber band doesn't fly off every time.
They also made hats.  Lydia loved hers.
Lydia and Caty did some watercolor with white crayons.

 Joey watched this great video on the atmosphere to go with his weather project.
 Lydia and I did a lot of schoolwork in the middle of the living room floor.  She is watching a Brain Pop Jr. video on Science here.  She watched the one on Physical/Chemical Changes and the one on Forces and Motion to go with her Science this week.
 We continued our Primary Arts of Reading course.
Joey had two experiments this week.  We are watching one on water evaporating in the sun (not going great this week) and this one was supposed to show war air rising.  It raised slightly.  So he got the idea.

Brayden hid out most of the week.  He is doing basics, and I am grateful he is doing that much.  Caty also hid out this week I am making adjustments to separate her school from Lydia more.  She doesn't enjoy it as much, unless it's one-on-one.  So she will do lessons 2 days a week for about 2 hours throughout the day (with lots of breaks) and art projects to go with the lessons the other 2 days.  It will be a work in progress.

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  1. Looks like a fun busy week! We just started ice skating again for the season. We attend a Homeschool Open Skate on Thursdays, it is a great way to connect, have fun, and get exercise! Thanks for sharing your week with us over at NOBH!