Friday, November 9, 2012

Our Weekly Adventures - Week 23

In my life this week....

Joe took some vacation time this week.  We having been trying to clean up around the house.  But Monday just about killed us.  Our furniture was in bad....BAD shape in the living room, and we have been talking about what to get since none of the kids remember to not flop.  We were very fortunate to have a set given to us.  But we had to rent a truck to pick it up, because it wouldn't fit in our van.  So we struggled and struggled with doorways and steps and banisters for hours on Monday.  I don't believe that either one of us have recovered completely.

We also inherited a large wooden locker set from a school.  This set was huge and heavy...did I mention HEAVY!!!  Joe had to cut down the set slightly so we could fit it in the spot in the hall.  Moving that though finished me in.  The lockers shifted and I hurt my side and left arm.  Go figure.  Been hurting all day.  But on the bright side, I was able to get a hold on our dish issue in the kitchen and made a slight dent in our clutter in the kitchen and living room.  I have so many books we are not using, but I am afraid to get rid of in case we still need them for Caty.  Now just need to find a storage spot in an already crowded house.

In our homeschool this week....

Well Lydia got all her assigned work done!!!  Whoohooo....we were busy, but still able to do some fun things to go with our studies.  

We had art class this week also.  We worked on Still Life drawings.

We are struggling with Brayden this week.  He rode all over with us on Monday, and he held his anxiety in the best he could.  But by 4, he was literally pulling out his hair.  We gave them the evening to veg....and he just refused to do any schoolwork on Tuesday or Wednesday.  He barely scraped anything out today even.  So he is 3 days behind in his studies.  Not sure what is going on, but hoping whatever it will pass soon.  Even taking away his internet only brings on full screaching tantrums...and he just screaches for long periods of time.  His eating is weird this week too.  So again, just watching him to see what is different....other than weird weather conditions.

What's not working for us....

Currently not enthused with Caty's speech help from the county.  So I am working on my own program for at home.  She will no longer qualify except under the school district starting in the spring.  And she will not be going to our local district for anything....I have reached a frustration level with a few in our local district...and just don't want to deal with it.  After observing her session on Tuesday, I know that I can do what they did.  So just another project for me to work on.

Brayden's attitude has been bad this week...and not sure what is going on.  We are just counting the hours each day and trying to keep him from closing up too much with his feelings.  But we are truly not sure why he is refusing school work and just staring at his laptop watching youtube videos.  


I could use some recommendations from anyone who has experience with Bipolar disorder in small children (age 9 and under).  Book recommendations would be appreciated.  If your experience is with your child, what type of doctor did you seek a diagnosis from?  What age did your receive a diagnosis?  If I don't reply to everyone's recommendations...sorry.  I do appreciate any and all comments and recommendations that I receive!  Thanks in advance!!!

What I have been cooking.....

A little....Monday they ate out both lunch and dinner.  Joey definitely suffered with a bellyache.  I made crockpot hot beef sandwiches for lunch today and turned the left over beef and broth into beef N noodles for dinner.  Plenty of leftovers.  I actually made a meal plan for next week...this week we kind of winged it.  The girls and I made coal cookies (basically brownie cookies) for their Five in a Row study.

What I have been reading....

Nothing...sorry.  I have been reading Heroes in History - John Smith.  Does that count?  I might attempt a book next weekend...who

Our week in Pictures.....

Check out my cool find...Each 2 disk set was only $7.97!!!  I wish I would've gotten the World War I & II sets also.  

Our fly project.....The banana is really starting to get icky and brown (since I took this picture).  Lydia asked to watch flies and learn more about them.
Keep it all in the container.
These are the books we read to get us started.
 Sunday, Joey and I visited a friend that tans leather.  He was learning a bit more about the process for World Travelers.  Tammy has a lot of chickens, and Joey actually allowed this hen to eat from his hand.  This month we learned about Morocco for World Travelers.  We missed class today because Mom wasn't feeling great, but they both finished their projects.
 Joe tying down our furniture on the flat bed.
Learning about Johannes Brahms for Co-op.
 Walking like Johannes Brahms did.
 Learning about Magic-e....long and short vowels
 Caty and I playing one of our Math Activity Bag games.

We pulled out the Cuisinaire Rods Alphabet book for Caty.
This week the boys learned about the Pilgrim's crossing on the Mayflower in their Dayspring Christian Academy class.  So we made a steak and potato soup with biscuits as a Mayflower meal.  I had to keep it allergen friendly, since the recipe provided had pork in it (and I am allergic).  Joey won't eat since they had dried beef and root veggies, we decided on this.  Very basic spices, only salt.  It was really cool!!

 Lydia watering our acorns and bird seed science project.
 Joe cutting the lockers down in the driveway.
Joey working on his engraving project.  Something leftover from his Paul Revere unit.  He didn't get it done last week.
The boys working on their Pilgrim unit...some of the only school work that Brayden would do this week.

On Election night, Joey worked on tracking the state's outcomes until he was too tired.  Then he finished the next morning.  He took a look at the page and knew the results because he has studied the Electoral College this past week.  Glad he was able to understand it.

Other projects this week include:

Watching various videos on BrainPop and BrainPop Jr.  Lydia is working on a project for her American Girl Club on Jess.  This week we watched some videos about the Mayan Civilization (including one on BrainPopJr.).  We started to build a Mayan city...but ran out of blocks.

Joey started reading about John Smith for Adventure Club.  He also is doing a mini-unit about US Presidents this week and next.  In Science he worked on the differences of weight, mass and volume.  He actually did catch up and finish all his work this week!!!  It was a fight!  

That's how our week ran....Hope everyone had a wonderful week!!!

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  1. Wow all that moving of furniture sounds exhausting! I hear you on the books though! Earlier in the summer I went through our school books and supplies, determined to rid us of the extras...and I did...but the pile of discards are still sitting on my stairs. ::wink:: I really need to just donate them and not think about it!

    ((Brayden)) Sounds like a challenging week for him (and you). Perhaps he's coming down with a virus? I know my "sensitive" kids will be challenging for a few days before he comes down with even a mild cold.

    But you guys did some really cool activities...BrainPop...Engraving...Soup!

  2. Hopping over from the Homeschool Mother's Journal!

    I'm sorry to hear that you were hurt while moving those heavy lockers.

    Your week sounds busy, the gourds are beautiful for art, and the food looks yummy!

  3. I think you fit more into this week than I do in a month! Thank you for sharing you week with us over at NOBH!