Friday, November 2, 2012

Rowing with Madeline.....(FIAR)

This is a favorite book in our house!!!  So the girls were super excited.  My trouble, since it's not a new book for to turn it into a learning experience.

We were pretending to cry like the girls in the book.
I decided to go with the body for Science.  We made this cool poster to refer to at home.  Nothing like your kids getting beyond knowing where their "tummy" is and start talking about their liver and
We went a little bit further than just our appendix.  We talked about our "Girl" bodies and how they are different from the boys.
We also visited the local science museum and their traveling exhibit from Sesame Street.  This was so fun and so beyond what I was expecting.  The was definitely early elementary to mid elementary science.  It wasn't just for preschoolers.
They had an interactive game for preschoolers for senses and body parts.
She really had to make her lungs work in order to get these lungs to work.
The same with the heart....It was hard work making it pump.

Found this awesome Bargain at Goodwill today...only $2.00!!!  So Lydia and I set to working on it.
And we took advantage of BrainPop Jr. being free.  We are hooked!!!
This was very hard, and required a lot of Mom help.  But we eventually got the guy together.
For our French cuisine, Lydia made flan, which we served with maple syrup...Super yummy!!!
We of course studied Geography, where Paris is.  This was a good book for the girls age level.  The video was a bit boring for the girls, but we learned some new facts!
For Art, Lydia worked on water colors.  First she drew the water tower in our town with the drawings in Madeline.
And then she added color.  A bit more of a rainbow than our plain blue water
We also worked on Manners by playing Blunders.
And of course we watched Madeline...a couple times!!!  The girls love this movie.

Our next book we will be rowing is The Rag Coat.