Saturday, November 3, 2012

Allergen Friendly Chicken Fried Rice--

In the past couple years I have developed several food sensitivies/allergies.  You can call them both.  I don't go into shock, but I suffer a wide range of reactions from stomach issues to hives.  So I have had to completely re-do the way I eat.  It has taken a lot of self-control and some creativity.  

I saw the end of a show about allergen friendly fried rice.  So I thought...this I have to try.

Now these are approximates....I cannot give you set measurements since I do not ever write anything down.

1 lb. ground chicken
4 cups cooked rice
a couple handfuls of shredded or diced carrots
a couple handfuls of frozen peas
3 TBS. lemon juice
2 TBS. coconut oil
(egg optional)

While I am frying up the ground chicken, I cook my rice.  I do add salt, and a touch of cayenne pepper to my meat mixture....very tasty.  When the rice is cooked and I have the ground chicken broken up well, I add about 2 TBS of coconut oil to the meat mixture and then add my rice and shredded carrots.

At this point I walk away.  I resist the urge to stir too often.  I stir about every 3-4 minutes depending on the heat of the skillet. After I stir it once, I add the peas.  I also add the lemon juice at this point.  I stir and allow the rice to "fry" a bit and make sure the lemon juice has "cooked" out.

I then just's good cold too.  But don't

The lemon juice is supposed to make you feel like soy was added.  I was really nervous about trying this recipe.  I am not a citrus fan, so the thought of "lemon" rice was not appealing.  But you cannot taste any "lemon" flavor.  If I was served this, I would not even know it was added.  It does seem to really bring out the flavor of the chicken.  

This recipe is super easy, and takes very little time. I plan on changing it up a bit with different veggies.  For this version, I just went with simple "restaurant" version.  But the combinations are starting to come together in my brain.  I am thinking of adding cabbage and fresh mushrooms with carrots and leave out the peas.

Hope someone can use this new discovery!

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