Sunday, November 11, 2012

What we are up to this week.....

It is one of those busy weeks.  It got busier this morning, when a surprise Doctor appointment for my mom was added.  So I lost another half day of school.  I had to rework our lesson plans.

Currently this week, on Monday the boys have a doctor appointment for med checks.  Lydia has violin and Joey has his first cheerleading practice.  We get to stay home Tuesday and Wednesday.  Well Lydia has gymnastics Tuesday evening.  On Thursday Lydia has Zoo Class and Girl Scouts.  Friday is Co-op day and the girls Ballet recital.

The kids are loving Brain Pop soooo much that I broke down and bought their family subscription for them to use.  I am including this in our school several times each week for each kiddo.  

Joey's week....
Math- MUS Gamma...working on skipping counting review.  He will also be reviewing telling time and adding/subtracting time.
Grammar- Apostrophes and contractions.  Still struggles understanding contractions.  There's a BrainPop video I found today for that!
Adventure Club - He is still working on his John Smith book
Geography - World Travelers Club for December is Argentina, so he will be starting a book about that country.
Unit Study - US Presidents
Science - Vacuums and an experiment 
Pilgrims - Almost done with Dayspring Christian Academy.  We are loving this program.  
Spelling- typical workbook
The boys will be doing Unit 4 this week.  The Pilgrims will finally be in America.

Brayden's week....
After last week, Brayden has some catch up.
Math- Teaching Textbooks and time review
Grammar- How to check spelling and lesson review (The boys are using Rod and Staff Grammar currently)
Science- finish his unit study on Lions
Geography- Reviewing the compass rose, cardinal directions and more map reading
Money Unit Study - Finish this up
Presidents Unit Study- work on this project (he's behind on this one)
Pilgrims- Unit 4 - Pilgrims are in America this week.
Spelling- He got behind last week.

Lydia's week....
Math- Coins and starting to add/subtract coins
Phonics/Reading- Lessons 12 and 13 of her PAL Reading system
Handwriting- Copywork from her PAL Literature 
AG Club- Learning about Rainforest this week....there's a BrainPopJr. on the Rainforest
Samson's Classroom- Site word work
BrainPop Jr.- she will be watching several videos on counting coins, our continents and map reading.  There's a couple good ones on Allergies and preventing the cold/flu.

Caty's week.....
Math- we'll play number games 
We'll start our home speech therapy.  So I will be including the Letter F in our Alphatales books. 
We'll also be using the Cuinsinare Rods Alphabet book.
She has two Scholastic Magazines to work on
And we'll also continue working on writing her name.

This is our week....

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No Ordinary Blog Hop

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