Friday, December 7, 2012

Our Week in Pictures - Week 27

We had a full week...and I was so happy that we were able to finish everything I had down in the planner.  I was careful as to how much I put in the lessons.  I figured it was easier to add a video or project at the last minute instead of feel bad because we fell behind.

We had Art Class on Monday.  We learned how shapes can help us with our drawing skills.
Caty started "school" again this week.  I apologize because there's a lot of Caty pics this week.  The boys kept to themselves, and asked for help a couple times.  But they pretty much just stayed quiet.

Our theme this week was Cows.  The letter A, and the number 1.  This was a cow we did by tearing construction paper.  She needed help.  Caty has super short and chunky fingers.  She has some trouble with fine motor skills because of this.  I am hoping that these kinds of projects will help her.
 I set our easel up in the living room to help show her what she is accomplishing.  When we need it to paint, I just turn it around and they can use the other side for painting.
 We used our wooden blocks to try and fill the square.  She knows her shapes, so this is all review.  I am forcing her to look at the world around her and see what shapes are around her.
 Then she decided to do one of the pattern blocks that came with her set.
 We found this great program for my Kindle Fire.  Only $1.99.  Caty is really, really enjoying it.  I pull out my Kindle as a treat as we are doing school.

Lydia's science experiment was dealing with inertia.  It was an egg drop.

This is Lydia actually doing the experiment.

We made a Thank you Card for the cows and all we can get from them.

 Lydia's artist this week was Winslow she is painting a seascape with watercolor crayons.
 Her finished seascape
 Fine motor skill practice.  I went to Goodwill and bought some clothes for her to practice buttoning, zipping, and snapping.  Cost....$3.00.  Montessori boards for the same activity....$75.00.  Saving $70.00 is priceless!!!  Here Caty is intently working on those big buttons.
 Our letter sound...A.  She recognizes almost all her letters.  So I am emphasizing letter sounds.  These Alphatales books from Scholastic are wonderful!!!
We are using the letter block cards from Confessions of a Homeschooler.
 We made a handprint alligator and an alligator clothespin.
 Lydia is using Draw Write Now.  She is doing well, as long as I let her use her own lined notebook.  Not the workbook they sell.  It's PJ day...and she's working on her handwriting.
 We are doing card math....
 And Lydia is learning how to play Sudoku.....She really likes this.  I am currently planning 3 days of math book work and then 2 days of review and games each week.  They have all switched to Math Mammoth currently.

 At gymnastics....Lydia finally conquered the cartwheel!!!  She was super excited!
Well that's our week.  I hope yours went smoothly!!!  Enjoy your weekend!!!
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  1. We have that game on our Kindle also and the kids love it. Even my 2 yrs loves doing the puzzle games.Great post!

  2. Looks like a fun week! What a great idea to buy clothes from the Goodwill for the purposes to practice buttoning, zipping and snapping.