Friday, December 14, 2012

Our Week in Pictures - Week 28

The boys kind of hung back this week.  They didn't have a lot of photos.  Joey did a great LEGO project for Wednesday's LEGO post.  

Joey spent the week working on his Benjamin Franklin book for Adventure Club.  

He also worked on his new Math Mammoth book.  It really shows me what he needs to work on.  Brayden and Lydia also started Math Mammoth.  This program has opened my eyes....we are going to step back and make some adjustments because I feel like we need to strengthen some more basics in the math area.

We had fun learning about Manet this week.  This is Lydia painting her version of an "Angry Sea"  seascape.  She used puffy paint and glitter.

Lydia also started working back again in First Language Lessons.  She enjoys poems, and this program provides the work that she likes with little or no prep work from me.  It's great!!!

The girls loved magnetic dolls.  This is a whole bunch of sets combined.  They pulled them out a couple times this week.
For her science experiment this week, Lydia made a melting snowman...without ice.  Check out Hooked on Science for this awesome project.

You mix borax, school glue and a cup of warm water.

 Form your snowman....
 And watch the molecules separate out.....

 We did some puzzles.
Lydia's science lesson this week was actually on plants.  I printed these Montessori cards and she was able to use them as copywork to create a plant book (found at Enchanted Learning).
Lydia working on her etching.
Lydia, Brayden and I went to the Art Museum.  Lydia was sketching an Egyptian coffin.  She liked the design on the case.
 And of course we visited the traveling Manet exhibit.

Lydia and I also began our study of the American Girl Caroline and the War of 1812.  I learned more this week reading than I did when I was in school.  I was going to focus on War of 1812 with her, but then decided to cover the War but also some geography and information about our wonderful Great Lakes.

We are liking Caroline so far.  So exciting and we are only halfway through the first book.

All the kids got their assigned work done this week.  Brayden was excused of a couple math sheets because he was having an off day.

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  1. What a cool melting snowman! That's neat!

    And combining your art studies with an art field trip is awesome!

  2. What great hands-on learning! The snowman is just too awesome! The art field trip looks like lots of fun, as well. What a great week in your homeschool. Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  3. We love the Who Was? series of books.

    You accomplished A LOT this week! Thanks for linking with Collage Friday!