Thursday, December 13, 2012

Our Weekly Adventures - Week 28

In my life this week....

Lots of running going on this week.  We had to suck it up and face that Lydia was going to need some medical help with attention and mood swings.  So she had her first appointment and prescription.  It's a truth that I have been avoiding for several months now.  I am sure someone who is reading this understands.

Lydia and I are going to see a ballet on Friday.  We are pretty excited.  We also had sports practices and violin lessons.  Speech cleaning....ugh.  I still can't figure out how to get it all done.

I am trying to read or do some crocheting in the evening.  My thought being that this will help with stress.  I haven't been feeling the best this week.  My fibro has been causing some flare-ups of problems that I haven't been dealing with for a few months.  I have even started having food reactions again.  I am starting to fear each bite because not sure if it will hurt to eat or not.

In our homeschool this week....

It's been rather sluggish in the area of Math.  Lydia is struggling with digit addition...she started her 2nd grade math.  So we will need to practice this for a few more days before moving ahead.  The boys...well.....they have decided that they are going to attempt sneaking past me about not doing their math work.  They honestly think that I don't check their math daily. would think after 4 years they would realize that this is not the case.

Oh goes on.  Lydia started back up with Headsprout again to help reinforce her reading skills.  We also started back our First Language Lessons since we stepped back from Five in a Row.

Caty has been doing well in "Caty School"  She is loving the new songs we sing each week.  The fun projects that don't make her feel like she is learning.  Whatever it takes.

Thoughts for the week.....

I read a great blog post about making adjustments for our children in their curriculum.  We have such luxury as homeschoolers to really individualize our kid's curriculum to their needs and also interests.  But by doing this alot, are we making our kids feel like life should always be easy and never a challenge?  It got me thinking.....I am a huge supporter of adjusting things so the kids keep learning and want to learn.  Am I encouraging "easy street" thinking?  Or just making learning fun?  I mean, even as adult if I don't like a book, I'm not going to finish reading it.  If I like a particular food, I may eat it more often.  As adults, we make adjustments for our interests and likes.  So now am I just worried about more thing to worry about.

So what are your thoughts on the subject of individualizing your children's curriculum?

Projects and things I am working on.....

Saturday I spent most of the day taking bags and bags of junk from the girls room.  They had so many toys.  We had a nice donation and the girls were happy that they could still keep all their doll beds/strollers/furniture and little play animals.  It was so out of control and has been for about a year.  Lydia does not like to give away anything.  She still has baby toys, and Caty did too.  So that took a lot of stuff out of their room.  Now they have more space to play.

I need to get my storage room back under control.  That is this upcoming Saturday's project.  I keep dumping in there when I come home from meetings and co-ops, and never put stuff away right.  Especially on days where pure exhaustion just takes over my body.  I can now barely get to my printer and my desk is impossible.  I also have to suck it up and find some stuff to donate that we really do not need or use.  I am a bit of a board game junkie and afraid to giveaway anything that we might use.  With such a wide age range I am teaching, I just never know what kiddo might like what.

I also need to gut the boys room.  Brayden has a ton of stuff he never plays with.  It needs to come out, whether I end up storing it with his Thomas trains or not.  They need walking/building space in their room.  It's awful!!!

I need to make some adjustments in my lesson plans also.  I think may have put too many math lessons down each week for the kids.  But we'll wait and see.  I also have to adjust for Lydia's Headsprout look.

What I am reading.....

I am flipping around with a few different books.  I have been reading a book about the various types of spectrum disorders that also including OCD and Bipolar disorder in children.  I normally don't read a ton of books that deal with spectrum disorders, but since we keep getting new challenges thrown at us...I really need to look at something.

For fun, I am still attempting Alabama Moon and I found another read-together for Joey and I.  I am going to attempt The Westing Game.  I checked a couple more books out from the library to see if there is something I might be interested in.

What I am cooking.....

I made some chili.  Homemade minestrone the other day, and that turned out pretty yummy.  Since I haven't been feeling even 75% most days, I haven't been going above and beyond with cooking.  Poor Brayden has been waiting a week for homemade chocolate ice cream.  I will have to make it for him this weekend.

A Moment to share with week....

Have you tried painting with Bubbles?  In honor of the Letter B, we tried this for the first time.  It was fun and Caty really had fun.

I am loving the video function on my new phone.  So I plan on taking more videos of the kiddos doing projects.  It's just fun!

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