Sunday, December 9, 2012

Shapes and Art

For art class this week, we learned how you can draw almost anything if you really look at the shape of the object.  Using a sketching pencil you can sketch the shapes and then fill in the details.

First we looked at this piece of art by Diego Rivera....Flower Day.

The shapes are flat, but you can see the shapes and how easy it would be to draw the flowers.  We talked about what shapes we could use to draw the flower.  One student said a heart, and we drew the flower using a heart shape.

Then after discussing all the various shapes, I turned them loose to "create":

This was such a fun topic, that I think the girls and I may do another project next week....If we weren't taking a month off from classes, we would've covered this area of art for one more week.  Next art class in January we will be working on Form.

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