Monday, December 10, 2012

What we are up to this week.....

This week is going to be one of THOSE weeks.  Lots of van time, but still have lots of schoolwork to do also.  We are going to the Art Museum to visit the Manet exhibit and go on a field trip about Art and Story.  Thought we would make a day of it.  Regular violin and guitar lessons.  We also have zoo class and World Travelers Club.  The boys have basketball and cheerleading, and of course Lydia has gymnastics.

**We'll be adding a new fun activity...Web Rangers from the National Park Service.  Joey and Lydia will be working on these.  They really enjoy these activities when we visit a National Park, and now we can do it online.

Our schoolwork this week.....

Adventure Club (History):  He will be starting his Ben Franklin book, and we will be doing weather experiments based on Ben Franklin's inventions to go along with his study of weather.
Math:  He will continue using Math Mammoth and do another Menu Math lesson
Science:  He will continue using A beka Science weather study
World Travelers:  He won't get to go, but he is going to research gauchos and boledoras
Handwriting:  Cursive d and g
Spelling:  Regular spelling work
Geography:  Continue learning how to read globes this week
Spanish:  Speekee Spanish Week 2
Brain Pop:  weather video and maybe some grammar

Adventure Club (History):  He will be working on a book on Ben Franklin also.  He doesn't like science experiments, so I won't force him there.
Math:  Math Mammoth and Menu Math
Science:  He is watching Brain Pop videos on various science topics, and then we discuss them....of course they are all on animals
Spelling:  Regular spelling work
Geography:  He's half-way through the book....more on maps this week.
Brain Pop:  He's also enjoying the Grammar.

American Girl Club (History):  We will be starting our War of 1812 study with Caroline.
Math:  Math Mammoth 2 and Coin work
Science:  Parts of the plant and why they are experiment is egg in a bottle
Phonics:  PAL Reading
Geography:  Early Map skills and we'll be discussing the Great Lakes the next couple weeks.
Artist of the Week:  Manet (he's not an American artist, but we will be visiting the Art Museum and seeing his exhibit that day)
World Travelers:  Yerba Mate tea
Handwriting:  Draw Write Now, number

Animal of the week:  Polar Bear
Letter:  B
Color:  Green
Speech:  Mastering beginning F sound

Everyone have a wonderful week!!!

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  1. Busy week ahead...did you find a resource for Yerba tea...we are studying Argentina too this month:) What is world travelers is this a club or a resource I don 't know about yet:) So much out there I can't keep up with it all