Sunday, December 16, 2012

Story and Art Field trip

We recently had the opportunity to take part in a field trip at our local Art Museum.  The theme was Art tells a Story.  The kids were encouraged to see more than a painting, but really see a story in the painting.

The docent started out by explaining to the kids that story blocks apply to art also.  
  • Who 
  • What
  • Where
  • (and also Why and When).
The first piece we looked at was by Edgar Degas....Portrait of Victoria Dubourg was a highlight of who.
 The next piece was by Albert Bierstadt, El Capitan was a highlight of where.
This piece he encouraged the kids to create a story as a group.  It was Thomas Gainsboough's, The Road from Market.
This unique piece was used to show that art can be found in all forms.  This vest was created by a woman for a hunter in her village.  It's part of the African Art Collection.  This also was used to create a  story and to guess who the hunter was from looking at the vest.
Have you given your kids a portrait or piece of art and encouraged them to write a story about the unknown?  Or create a story by what they see?  What a great way to encourage those storytelling skills!!

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