Monday, December 17, 2012

What we are up to this week.....

WOW!!!  I just was double checking my calendar, and the only activities this week are the kids sports!!  Whooohoo!!!  Although Caty just started hacking her croupy cough, so not sure if we are going to get to go to anything bu to pick Joe up from the airport on Tuesday.

So this is what we have on the planner this week....

Math Mammoth--Keep chugging along with double digit addition and carrying
Grammar - Review noun, verbs and adjectives/adverbs with BrainPop
Geography - Reading the compass rose and learning cardinal directions
Science - Hurricane week
Handwriting - HWOT cursive
History - Ben Franklin for Adventure Club
Reading Club book - The Westing Game (our local library branch started a Homeschoolers book club and Joey is going to try it out.)
Spanish - Continue with Speekee

Math Mammoth - same pages as Joey
Grammar - Brain Pop Plural Nouns, possessive nouns and tenses
Geography - Review where countries of the world are
Science - Animal migration and hibernation
History - Ben Franklin 

Math - place value and adding two digit numbers without carrying
Science - Plants
Art - Mary Cassatt
Grammar - Proper Nouns and Days of the week (We are back to First Language Lessons)
Characteristic of the Week - Forgiveness
Handwriting - I am changing up her Draw Write Now with another drawing book, and an animal fact to copy.
American Girl Club - Meet Caroline Book 1.  We are going to start learning about all the Great Lakes.  This week we will be tracing a map of the lakes.
Science Experiment - Hooked on Science Squeaky clean

Theme this week - Cats and Kittens
Song- 3 Little Kittens
Letter - C
Number - 3
Fine Motor - Zipping and putting on her own socks
Math - number association
Art projects- Mittens for our Kittens and Puffy Paint Cupcake

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