Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Teaching the use of line in art

I have been teaching an art class every other week, at a little coffee shop in a nearby town.  It's for homeschoolers, mainly in elementary grade levels.

I started changing things up a bit, and adjusting to what the kids seem to want to be learning.

Recently we were discussing the importance of lines in art.  We discussed types of lines....horizontal, vertical, thick, thin, curvy, etc.

To emphasize the importance of line usage in art, we did the following art project:

The kids traced their hands, and used curved lines inside their hands and straight continuing lines across the paper.  Then they colored however they desired.

Isn't the effect wonderful???!!!!
I brought an easel to show the kids what I wanted.  Caty decided to draw on it.
***Somehow I missed getting shots from the other kids that day.  So here is what Lydia finished.
 This is a really cool project, and I would recommend it.  Because the kids were amazed at their drawings!!  I even did it after I got home for myself.

This project would make a great gift idea for a relative that lives far away, or a unique piece to hang on your wall.  I plan on doing it with all the kiddos....it's super fun!