Monday, December 3, 2012

What we are up to this week....

We ended up taking a week off during Thanksgiving.  It was a little unplanned, and we did a lot of educational television and computer time.  Mommy wasn't feeling well.  Last week, I didn't make a post but things were back to normal.

This week, same as  On Monday we have art class.  We will be learning about how shapes can be used to create art.  Tuesday, Caty has speech therapy and her IEP.  I am not real happy right now, and feel my patience has been tested thoroughly so they could see that Caty wasn't "slipping through the cracks".  And now I am fed up.  So most likely we will be done with speech through the school district soon.  Thursday we have our American Girl meeting for Jess.  Lydia and I are almost done with the book.  Just a few more pages.  And Friday of course is Co-op.

The kiddos have some new math books.  The boys have been complaining and refusing math.  So I am trying them back with Math Mammoth.  They both looked at the book I selected for them, and they agreed to use this program.  We'll wait and see though.  Brayden also selected a new way to do Science.  Again, another benefit for the kids of homeschooling.  Flexibility in their curriculum.  More work for me sometimes, but at least they are learning.  While going through my computer, I found this great book for the boys to use:

Assigned work for the week:


  • Science - Still working on weather - He's using A beka Science and library books.
  • Math - Menu math and Math Mammoth (be 3 days of Math Mammoth and 2 days to complete the Menu Math assignment)
  • Adventure Club - He's finishing up his reading on John Smith.  His book was longer than I anticipated.  He will also watch a video about Ben Franklin
  • World Travelers - He's working on his project for Argentina.  He decided to talk about gauchos and boleadoras
  • Handwriting - Joey is not good at handwriting.  I don't force it.  But I am going to have him go through HWOT cursive.  He is complaining he cannot read my cursive.  
  • Geography -  continuing his map skills lessons
  • Spanish - going to work through Speekee again
  • Brain Pop - watch some weather videos
  • Grammar - Homonyms and Similes


  • Math - Math Mammoth and Menu Math
  • Science - Brain Pop on animal camouflage.  He will also be learning about the Kit Fox and Rockhopper Penguin (courtesy of Wildlife Explorer booklets).  He will be learning about 2 animals a week.
  • Grammar - Homonyms, Similes (Brain Pop)
  • Geography - Continue his map reading lessons
  • Adventure Club - Watch a video on Ben Franklin


  • Math - Money and Math Mammoth 2nd grade (2 days of money and 3 days of Math Mammoth)
  • Science - Learning about salt making ice and egg drop (Hooked on Science)  We'll also learn what a scientist really is.
  • Phonics - Lessons 16 and 17 of PAL Reading
  • Handwriting - Draw Right Now
  • Geography - Map reading skills from (Beginning Geography)
  • World Travelers - Learn about tea from Argentina
  • Zoo Class - She has Creature Feature this month.  She has decided to write about flamingoes.
  • Art - Art class is shape collages
  • Artist of the week - Winslow Homer


  • Theme this week is Cows.  We'll be doing a tear the paper cow for fine motor skills.  
  • Our letter is  We'll be making an alligator.  And yes...we'll be reading the Adventures of Abby Alligator from ScholaticTales  
  • Our shape is square, and we'll be going on a shape hunt.
  • Nursery Rhyme of the week:  Hey Diddle Diddle
  • We'll be playing on More Starfall also...she loves that!!!

Caty will be doing official "school work" again.  I have been letting her slack some the last couple weeks, and we are going to try a different program.  Working together with Lydia was a bit frustrating for her, so going to do individual with her about an hour a day.  Let her play on also.

This is our plan for the week...Everyone have a wonderful week!!!

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