Sunday, December 30, 2012

What we are up to this week.....

We are going to start breaking back into a busy schedule again....(I am making a sad face....)

We have a field trip on Thursday to a Planetarium to see a video on Weather.  Co-op starts back up this week.

Math - some time practice and adding double and triple columns
Grammar - Rod and Staff, I think it's capitalization
Spelling - Review
Spanish - Speekee
Handwriting - Cursive g and h
Adventure Club - He's going to finish his Ben Franklin book this week
Science - Wild Weather.....snow storms thunderstorms
Ohio as America - Ohio Geography and it's natural Resources
January writing prompts

Math - same as Joey
Grammar - Rod and Staff
Science - Continents and Oceans, Landforms
Ohio as America - Ohio Geography and it's Natural Resources
January writing prompts

Math - using a number line, adding double digits w/out regrouping
Grammar - First Language Lessons - Identifying nouns (she can do this really well...but they keep practicing it.)
New site words
Phonics - Headsprout
Scholastic News - Jobs of the president (talks about the inauguration)
American Girl club - Caroline Book 2, learning about Lake Michigan
Handwriting - January writing prompts
Science - sharks
Artist - John Singer Sargent
Geography - Direction words....North,South,East, West

Number - 4
Letter - D

It's goldfish
Playdough mats to go with Letter and number of the week.

Dressing skills - zipping and putting socks on.
Make homemade goldfish crackers
Scholastic News - Meet the President
Mickey Mouse Fishing Game
Goldfish suncatcher
Character of the week - Forgiveness

That's how our week is going to be.  A little bit here and there to get

Everyone have a great week!!!

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