Sunday, December 30, 2012

Roller coaster year - 2012 (1st half)

We had many ups and downs in was quite a roller coaster.

We tried lots and lots of new things this year.  New foods, new schedules, new curriculum, and we spent a total of 7 weeks traveling around the Eastern half of the United States!!!  I just added up in my mind how long we spent traveling with Joe this year.

Looking back through old Blog posts, I found where I so tried to follow the 31 Days to Clean Challenge...oh and failed horribly at it!!!  I may try that one again this January.

We met Sid the Science Kid at our local science museum.  It was so much fun.

We had a lot of fun projects and activities throughout the year....

National Pie Day

We did Still Life paintings, celebrated Popcorn Day, and made Gak.

Went sledding on one of the few snow days that we had last year.

We learned about Ethiopia, and had a "SuperBowl" Snack party while watching Treasure Buddies.

Went to a Fancy Nancy Tea Party dressed in our finest!

Made our own Angry Bird Towers
We learned about Maple Syrup.

We participated in our groups First Annual Book Carnival.

Lydia got to attend a class on Bat homes, and even was able to touch a bat!!!

We visited the Glass Blowing Exhibit at our Art Museum.

We even stayed current on lessons when traveling.  Homeschooling can be done anywhere!!!

They found a new favorite treat shop in downtown Franklin Tennessee called Sweet CiCis and now whenever we go down, this is a must!!

They had the opportunity to view the sun through special equipment at the Dyer Observatory in Brentwood Tennessee.

The end of our school year (2011-2012) ended with a trip to the Outer Banks, North Carolina!

This was the first half of 2012 for for the second half tomorrow!!!  Be sure to visit our other Crew Mates and check out what they did during 2012.



  1. Wonderful first half of your year friend. I love the book carnival idea. I hadn't seen that before and I must of missed it on your blog the first time around!! I love our outer banks and was so glad you got to come experience it. We love it yearly. Happy New Year friend!! Blessings!!

  2. You always have so much going on with all four of your children. I am truly in awe. Great pictures...Thanks for sharing on the NOBH