Friday, January 13, 2012

We met Sid the Science Kid!!!

We Sid the Science Kid.  So when we saw a couple weeks ago that he was going to be at our local Science Museum, we reserved our spots right away.  I know that the level is for preschoolers, but the shows are pretty good.  And Brayden and Joey still enjoy the explanations they provide and the experiments also.

Here's our pics with Sid.

 And then we visited the Little Scientists exhibits.  Here they are sorting food according to their groups.
 Sorting recycling.
 Seeing what should and should not be in the dirt for our plants.
 Working on simple machines.
 The local PBS Station held a special workshop and each child could create a science journal during class.
 They made name tags
 We had already covered most of the topics...such as pumpkins and rotting pumpkins.
 Seeds and planting seeds.
 Caty just planted her seeds.
 Sid came back tot he class to see everyone.

 Caty didn't want to see him the second time...she was getting tired.  She hid in the stroller.

The played in the museum also.

Even though he threw a complete fit about going today, Brayden admitted he liked the museum.  He did have fun.  All of us did.  I just got to figure out how to split myself four ways to keep up with all of them at places like this.  Glad Daddy was able to take the day off and come with us!


  1. looks like a ton of fun!! yeah we need to clone ourselves for days like that dont we!! xoxo

  2. My kids loved the TV show Sid the science kid when we lived in the states. We can't see it now that we live in the UK. Looks like everyone had a great day. So nice your husband was able to come and help you out. Always great when Daddy can join in on an outing. Thanks for linking up to the Home school field trip hop.

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