Thursday, January 10, 2013

American Girl Caroline - Study Guide Book 3

I am very busy working hard on creating study guides for all the books in the American Girl Caroline series.

This series centers around the life of Caroline, who is living near Lake Ontario during the War of 1812.    So many changes that Caroline must learn to accept at a very young age.

I have created a study guide that empasizes reading comprehension and strengthens vocabulary.  For each chapter I have included an activity or a craft project for you and your student to do together.  Included in each guide is a list of helpful links.

This file is available to download through Google docs.  Enjoy!!!!!

Book 1 Study Guide
Book 2 Study Guide
Book 3 Study Guide
Book 4 Study Guide
Book 5 Study Guide
Book 6 Study Guide

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  1. These look great...what ages are these books for, just thinking about my daughter who is 11. Sorry to hear you have been hit by spam:(

    1. As I am creating them...I am trying to include a wider age range. I wrote comprehension questions that early to late elementary can answer. If a later elementary student is doing the guide, there are research options included. You could also have them answer all questions in complete sentences to work on sentence structure. I think she would enjoy them because of the activities and extra project links I have included :)

  2. You have been so thorough in creating these studies. My six year old will enjoy these very much! Thank you for sharing them with everyone over at NOBH!

  3. These are great! Looking forward to using these when we read the Caroline books soon. Do you know when your guides will be ready for books 4-6?