Thursday, January 17, 2013

Artist Study - Edward Hopper

Born:  July 22, 1882 
Died: May 15, 1967

Edward Hopper was not born into a wealthy family.  But his parents did encourage his art by sending him to study art in New York City.  He studied under, Robert Henri.  Henri believed there was beauty in shabby structures like factories, buildings, etc.  Edward Hopper liked this idea and enjoyed painting everyday things.

Edward Hopper worked as an illustrator, and he did not like his job.  He didn't like to be told what to draw.  He started drawing what he wanted in his spare time.  He married, Jo Nivison, who was also an artist.  They would drive around the country and look for subjects of inspiration.  They loved to drive around New England.

He is well known for this artwork:

You can see the faces and they look without expression.  He painted many subjects this way.  They looked rather depressed.

Summer evening

He is well known for his use of color and patterns in his art.

Rooms by the Sea
 The Long Leg
Lydia's project was to paint a seascape, using only 3 main colors.  I wasn't sure how she would do with this project...boy did she surprise me.

First we measured our horizon.
Then she was to sketch her seascape.  Making sure that the focal points showed "up close" and "distant".
 She was able to use blue, white and black to mix up the colors for this seascape.

 She had so much fun with this....and did awesome!!!
I found this project here.

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Next week....Georgia O'Keeffe

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