Friday, January 18, 2013

Homeschool Mothers Journal - Week 33

In my life this week....

I am working at catching up.......and working ahead all at the same time.  I have a ton of projects to get ready for.  We are going to Tennessee soon also, so there was a lot of rearranging to do in our schedule to make that happen.  I think the stress is taking a toll on me, fibro has been a little off the charts.

In our homeschool this week....

We did really well.  Finishing up projects, and making needed adjustments.  Lydia has zoo class this week, which she loves.  And we started a new Science curriculum for us (watch for the upcoming review), and since it is animal based....Lydia liked science this week!  We had art class on Monday, and it was so fun.  We did the candy color wheel experiment from Mama Jenn.

Placed we are going and people we are seeing....

Caty decided she liked her tap dancing class and was officially enrolled this week.  Lydia had gymnastics.  Joey had cheerleading practice.  Their squad is practicing for Districts next weekend.  Lydia had zoo class and scouts, and of course we had our Art class this week.  And a trip to the library. It was fun.  Mommy feels like she lived in her van though....oh well.  The kids had fun!

Favorite thing for the kiddos.....

I think so far this week, their favorite has been the art project from Mama Jenn's blog.  But we'll wait and see, that could change.  I know it was Brayden's though because he was using one of his favorite candies.

Things I am cooking....

I haven't done much fancy cooking this week.  Just basic stuff.  We are staying nourished...does that count?

Something I am wishing for.....

More time in the day, and more  I fall asleep before I can finish everything I need to accomplish each day.

I saw this clothespin organizer.  Thinking this might be good for me.  I need some extra bins and organizer to keep all my projects separated.

Actually, if someone could just Tweet Martha Stewart and have her come over for a couple days...that would be great!

Projects I am working on.....

I am going to be nice and not list everything....Let's just say there are several ongoing projects for about 6 different clubs and  So I am really trying to keep myself organized.  I need to write up lessons for the next couple weeks.  And pack for our upcoming trip.

I also need to clean and reorganize our living room area today.  The corner has gotten out of hand and needs to be back under control.

Picture to share from the week....

We went to the local ice rink after art class on Monday and went skating with our friends :)  Ok...Lydia went skating.  I watched safely from outside the rink.

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  1. oh I like the clothes pin organizer too. Please consider linking this to Its a Wrap...I am back up and running.

  2. Me too! I seem to be very sluggish and sleepy lately. Lacking in Vitamin D? It's common in Maine to be deficient. Anyway, I drop into bed around 9:00 and sound asleep until 7:00! And sometimes I feel like I could really use a nap in the afternoons! Ugh!

    We've been tackling some out-of-control areas too! They seem to pop up quickly, huh?