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Homeschool Mothers Journal - Week 35

In my life this week.....

We have been hotel living.  Joe needed to go to Tennessee this week for work, and did not want to go alone.  So we were able to shift around our schedule and go with him.  I didn't come down with many plans, and I planned for 3 days of schooling while we were here.

We visited a really nice older southern home from the Battle of Franklin, one that we had not yet visited since we have started coming to the Nashville area.  We hung out a lot at the hotel playing card games, and the boys played computer.  One nice day we went to the park to ride scooters...and Lydia fell and sprained her wrist....go figure.  We did do an amazing field trip yesterday though to the Nashville Aquarium Restaurant where we learned about how they take care of the fish and watched them feed the sharks.

In our homeschool.....

I brought 3 days worth of lessons with us, and the kiddos finished everything!!!  Lydia and I played a lot of card games while watching movies on Netflix on my laptop.  (Yeah this hotel has great wireless!!)

Places we are going and people we are seeing....

We hung out at the hotel this week.  We used the big common area they have to do schoolwork in.  I packed up their books and laptops and we all set down in the lobby.  It was a change of pace.  The kiddos got their work done.  And then a big treat, the staff let me change the huge TV they have there to cartoons.  We went to a local park to get out and run.  One day here in Brentwood, it was 71 degrees!!  Problem is Lydia wrecked her scooter and sprained her wrist.  So we got to visit a really nice hospital down here too, in order to rule out a fracture.  We visited the Lotz house, one of the only antebellum homes we had not visited yet.  And today we are going to Adventure Science Museum to visit their Magic School Bus exhibit.

I'm reading.....

Nothing for me.  All for the kiddos.  I am working on Study guides/comprehension questions for American Girl Addy books and also a George Washington book for Joey.  But on the bright side, I am liking the Addy

I'm cooking....

Actually I am cooking.  At half pace, we always stay in a kitchenette here.  So I bought the kids a cake pop maker before we left, because Brayden loves cake.  So we made gluten free cake pops one day (using Pamela's chocolate cake mix).  I missed the cornstarch in the mix and suffered a reaction...learned my lesson!!  I also made chicken fajita salad.  And shrimp w/ bacon for Joey last night.  He loved that!!!

Something I am thinking about.....

Lydia is having a hard time with remembering phonics sounds.  I was thinking about getting her Hooked on Phonics.  But we are using the ABeka Letters and Sounds workbook right now.  So I am wondering about starting her in All About Spelling Level 1 which really teaches letter sounds well.  Ugghhh...I really hate to spend a bunch more money.  My brain just reels when I think about all the stuff we have spent money on in hopes it would help her.  She is doing well in the old-fashioned McGuffey reader.  I also may start back up in the some of our older attempts that I have been hanging on too.  I secretly thinks she knows how to read and is just hiding it!  Any suggestions would be great...and she hated Teach your Kids to read in 100 lessons.  We tried it :)

A few pics from the week.....

We had bad storms one night.  The flags were right outside our windows, so it was loud!  Sounded like someone beating the side of the building.  We spent an hour in the lobby in a tornado shelter area during one part of the storm.  90 mph wind gusts here.  Fortunately no damage around us or to our vehicles.
 Our trip started off with Joey's cheerleading competition.  His team got 3rd place in their division!
 We visited Lotz House in Franklin.  During the battle of Franklin, the house was partially destroyed.  The owner rebuilt.  These are floors original to the house....a cannonball burned a hole in this spot.

 We hung out in the hotel room.  Lydia and I did a lot of coloring and card games.
I gave in and let them eat breakfast downstairs.  I don't like the doughnut options, but was careful as I could with what they ate.  Joey has developed a severe allergy to soy, I think.  So really have to watch him close.
 We also did schoolwork down here.  It was a nice area to spread out and work.
 Lydia finished her work and was doing some tracing...great hand/eye coordination...and handwriting practice!!
We brought snacks down.
 Joey decided to move to his own table one day.
Caty watching Berenstain Bears and doing her counting book.
 I caught Brayden just watching traffic out the window one day.
Of course Brayden was super excited to be making Cake pops.
Enjoying their favorite treat in Franklin/Brentwood....Sweet CiCi's!!!
Look at all the toppings...and that's not even all of them!!!
 Playing Top Secret Baby Animals while watching Princess and the Pony on my laptop.
Painting with a little activity kit I brought for her.
 Playing at Granny White Park.
 Just before her crash.

 Lydia's x-ray the next morning to make sure there was no fracture.
 Her "cast" as she calls it.
Waffles at breakfast.

 Another shot of Joey at competition.
 Breakfast at the hotel.
We head home tomorrow :)  Another exciting week done.

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