Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Caty school

Caty and I have been using a new preschool program called Flowering Baby (watch for the upcoming review).

This week we learned...

About healthy eating habits...We did a poster of good and bad foods.

Watched some Sesame Street videos on Healthy eating and exercise habits.
And did this cute little sticker book.
In math, we practiced counting to 25, and writing numbers to 10.
She painted and did playdough.
Worked on following directions.  Here she had to listen to the directions to create a shape snowman.
I found these really neat coloring cards to create an alphabet wall.  She colors these while I read her Alphatales books.  This week was a review of A & B.
I started using Arts in Action with Caty for an extra art program.

This week was on colors and the brightness.  We looked at Henri Matisse's The Snail...
She painted the glue on with a paintbrush.

And used tissue paper squares to create....

This beautiful work of art.
We also worked on her Scholastic Newsletter about teeth
And did sticker books too.

Caty has also discovered a love of Berenstain Bears.  So we are going to keep reading them and I will work on including as many as possible for learning lessons :)