Monday, January 28, 2013

What we are up to this week...

We are travel schooling this week....I have just a few lessons planned this week.  We are visiting Adventure Science, a plantation/period home, the aquarium restaurant, and not sure where else yet.  We only have one set appointment this week.  I decided to still do school this week though because I am afraid letting them have too much time off will be bad as usual.

Math - 4 column numbers, adding/subtracting whole 100s
Science - Nervous system, eye, and ears
Brain Pop Jr....Economics....Goods and Services, Saving and Spending, and Needs & Wants.

Math - Borrowing from zeros, multiple operations
Science - work on Penguin booklet
Brain Pop Jr. - Ancient China

Math - A+ Math
Reading - McGuffey lessons
American Girl - Work on War of 1812 battles, and reading Caroline Book 4
Sight Words - six to ten
A Beka - Letters and Sounds review in Book 1
**Games-Sudoku, Chutes and Ladders Scooby (We add/subtract dice to practice our math facts), and Popcorn Siteword Game
She doesn't have Science, Art, or Geography this week.

Berenstain Bears Trouble at School
Letters C & D
Make a map to get from our room to the dining area at the hotel
Practice drawing (handwriting)
Counting to 30

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