Saturday, January 26, 2013

Our Week in Review - Week 34

This is our list to-do list from Monday.....

Math- Math Mammoth - Place value, adding thousands
Grammar- Rod and Staff - Noun names, Names of people & places, Proper Nouns
Science- ABeka...Nervous system, eyes
Social Studies - Martin Luther King Jr. Video and book--Difference between urban, rural and suburban
4H Project - Using Computer basics
Handwriting - Letter E & L (Cursive Handwriting without Tears)
Bible study - Creation of the world
Scholastic Newspaper

Math - Adding thousands, adding whole hundreds
Grammar - Rod and Staff - Noun names, Names of People & Places, Proper Nouns
Science - Penguins
Spelling - Review words
Social studies - Martin Luther King Jr. Video and book --- U.S. Symbols
Scholastic Newspaper

Math - A+ Interactive Math (2nd grade level) - counting past 100, skip counting review.  (Watch for the upcoming review)
Science - Carnivorous Mammals
Reading - Headsprout, McGuffey Reader
AG Club - Caroline Book 3
Site Words - Writing words zero to five
Geography Words - Badland, Bay
Phonics - A Beka Letters and Sounds
Handwriting without Tears App

Comprehension - Playing Red Light/Green Light, Practice our phone number, Following directions on how to build a snowman
Math - Practice counting to 20, Practice writing numbers to 10 in her dry-erase book
Reading - Letters A & B review w/ coloring cards
Art - Tissue Paper Matisse
Geography - Be an explorer at home

We almost got everything done this week!!!  Joey had a couple of rough days, and didn't finish his science reading.  So we will catch that up this next week.  Since I have to do his 4-H project with him hands on, we were short 1/2 the lesson.  Daddy finished the other half with him.

Brayden also did all his work, including watching an Animated Hero Classic about Ben Franklin on You Tube.

I wanted Joey to watch the same video, and this is how I caught him watching it at lunch (since lunchtime equals free computer time)....he had Minecraft on his laptop, the Youtube video going on his iPad and his lunch right next to him....ugh...but at least he could tell me about Ben Franklin.

Lydia loves drawing...this was us as

She loves art class too.  She had to do Caty's art study this week (since she didn't have one due to the abbreviated school week).  Caty was learning about colors similar to Henri Matisse, The Snail.
Lydia has decided to step back from Headsprout phonics again.  So we are working our way through A Beka Letters and Sounds and using the old McGuffey Readers.  She is doing a lesson in the book a day.  She has started remembering more.  So I just go with what she wants to do....she's obviously learning.  She doesn't remember the phonics rules though sometimes when she is trying to sound out words.  So it still frustrates her.
We did this Science activity on Sunday, after Last weeks post.  It was her science project about prey/predators....we hid red/green M&Ms in color bits of paper.  Some were easy to find, while others were more difficult.
She learned about various members of the canine family in science, so we watched Old Yeller as a treat when she finished her work.  She really liked this movie!
Sunday, Lydia cooked lunch with Daddy's help.

We did a couple science experiments.  We tried to throw water in the air to make it freeze...and did frozen bubbles.  The frozen bubbles was a full success...not so much our water though.

Working on her Handwriting without Tears app on her iPad (watch for the upcoming review).
Our American Girl Club hosted local historian, Clinton Mauk.  He talked to the girls about the importance of our area in the War of 1812.
Joey has District Cheerleading competition this weekend in Lexington, KY.   This was our drive through Ohio yesterday....yucky!  Yucky!!  part of the way.  We feared Kentucky because we kept hearing about an ice storm...but the roads were better once were crossed into Kentucky.  Could actually go the speed
Tried to walk some energy out at the mall by our hotel.  Our kids ARE NOT accustomed to visiting a mall at all!!  We avoid them because of the massive sensory overload involved.  I thought Caty was going to flip out there was so much to see.

I couldn't figure out why there was a Hermit Crab kiosk...seriously?!?!  I always buy hermit crabs in Lexington, KY...does anyone else?  But Caty thought this was so cool!
Eating dinner....the girls chose soft pretzels the size of their heads.
Joey chose a steak sandwich, after I eliminated how much he could not have.  The people at the restaurant were very nice with all my allergen questions.  He enjoyed the sandwich.
Brayden refused to eat there....too many unfamiliar restaurants.  He wanted McDonald's.  I swear...McDonald's is like crack for kids with autism.  He has to have 6 chicken nuggets.  No less.  Ugh....I know it will be like this our whole trip.  Brayden gets a food obsession and will only eat that during the whole trip.  Not sure what it  may be.  I think it will revolve around chicken and Reese's Puffs.  I'll let you know.  But he has had Chicken McNuggets for 3 meals you can see where this is going.  When we get settled in at Brentwood later tonight, he'll relax a lot more.


  1. I can relate on the food issue when traveling, my kids live off chicken nuggets, cheesburgers and pizza. We go entire trips sometimes without a single vegetable entering their mouths, drives me crazy. But I fight the vegetable battle only at home no need to have a melt down on the road only stresses me out:)

    Hermit crab kiosk, never seen one of those before. Hope I never do as I would probably end up with some as pets for the kids, LOL

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