Thursday, February 14, 2013

Homeschool Mothers Journal - Week 37

In my life this week....

It has been a busy one, but yet we accomplished our schoolwork.  Our house has suffered greatly...laundry is not folded, and there are little piles of unfinished projects laying all over the place. The living room floor needs vacuumed....yet again.  Yeah, we made snowflakes yesterday :)  

Poor Caty has a cold, but actually is fairing pretty well through it.  She's congested and has a cough.  I have been trying to get her to keep taking the raw honey and cinnamon mixture, but she is fighting the taste.  Who knows....but I think it's helping her not get it as severe as others.  Lydia has been doing fairly well not getting anything besides a few sniffles.   So far we have been fairly fortunate this cold/flu season.  Last year we were hit hard, so I am very grateful for the kids being healthier this year.

In our homeschool this week.....

We finished all our work!!  Lydia is doing great in AAS#1 so far.  We are going slow, and she is recognizing sounds in words very well.  Problem is that she can hear it and spell things with letters (3 letter words), but when it comes to reading......she forgets to sound out the words.  Sounds she knows well, just are not clicking.  We just keep working at it.  She has made great strides in the past two months!  She is doing well with her Geography study.  Each week we are learning two new geography terms.  We are making a Geography wall with all of our new terms.

Caty started Hooked on Phonics preschool and is really enjoying it!  She did pretty well in school this week.  I have been crafty in her lessons and keep them short to match her attention span.

Joey is doing great with his A Beka Science.  And Brayden with his Science choice also.  The boys have struggled this week to do their work.  There's not too much...but just a lack of attention span for anything except Star Wars and Mindcraft.  Go figure.

Places we're going and people we're seeing....

Lydia had zoo class today and World Travelers Club.  She loved seeing all her friends at World Travelers.  Next week is a busy week.  We have a library program on Mo Willems (one of Lydia's favorite authors), all our sports, the symphony, and Scouts.

My favorite thing this week.....

Cutting Snowflakes with the girls.  We were sitting around in our PJs.  We read Snowflake Bentley and cut pretty snowflakes.  It was fun to teach the girls.

Things I'm working on....

I have a variety of different things going for Scouts, Special Olympics and our own family.  It's a bit overwhelming, but drudging my way through.

I'm cooking.....

Joe and I have been eating more salads this week.  They sounded yummy.  We had grilled chicken salad, a citrus salmon salad.....and today for my lunch I packed a salad with mangoes, diced pear, yellow pepper, and fresh oranges diced up.  I baked a piece of salmon to eat with it also.  It was super yummy!!!

Brayden was happy that I made brownies and chicken N dumplings.  Lydia and I also made pumpkin coconut sugar cookies...and let me just say they were a huge hit with our kiddos!!!  I made a batch with and without choco chips!    They were actually addicting.

I'm working on next week's menu, but I think lasagna is necessary next week!  It sounds so good!!  I also want to make egg rolls with a special rice paper I found at Kroger.  So may make those Saturday.

Made Mickey Mouse pancakes for the kiddos too!  I was working on a pancake recipe experiment, and it turned out great.  Freezes well too.  Going to try and write a post up with pics on Sunday!

I'm reading.....

What can I say....I'm a sucker for a good love story!  I don't get to read for fun much, just one or two chapters a week.  I'm enjoying it so far.

I'm rewarding the kiddos with....

Tomorrow if we finish all of our work when we get home from having bloodwork done in the am.  3 of 4 kiddos need blood work and so does Daddy....they get a prize for going and doing the work, but if we get their small amount of assignments done we'll have movie time.  I have not decided on the series...yet.  I may let them pick out of the bargain bin tomorrow at  I got the Archie show from the library today, so maybe that one.

Photo to share....

Miss Caty has had a cold this week.  No fever, just congested and a sinus headache & a cough.  Wednesday I popped in a Shape movie for her to enjoy while I worked with Lydia.  She laid down with her pillow and blanket to enjoy it :)  Hopefully she'll be back to 100% soon!

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  1. I started reading that book but never finished it before the library wanted it back.