Saturday, February 16, 2013

Our week in Pictures - Week 37

This is what our week looked like.  It always seems like a lot, but it's definitely manageable.  I was so happy that we did finish everything on our list!!  Ok..not everything.  Joey will continue his Jacob and Esau study for another week, and since Caty was a bit under the weather this week she only did one art project instead of two.  Since she painted a snow storm with a toothbrush, she didn't do her "artist" re-creation this week.

Math - Comparing & rounding thousands
Grammar - Essentials in Writing - Simple Sentences
Science - The Plant World
Ohio History - Early Europeans in Ohio
Bible - Jacob and Esau
Scholastic News - Learning about Rosa Parks
Adventure Club - George Washington
Handwriting - Handwriting without Tears cursive

Math - Review topics from this month
Grammar - Essentials in Writing
Science - Start lesson on Bees
Scholastic News - Learning about Rosa Parks
Bible - Lot
Social Studies - Harriet Tubman
Adventure Club - Finish George Washington Book
Reading Comp - Reading Bad Kitty and Reading Comp book

Math - Starting Touch Math Grade 2 (watch for the upcoming review)
Science - Finish learning about Caniforms & Experiment from Hooked on Science
Spelling - AAS#1 & 2 (We are going very slowly with this.)
Reading - McGuffey reader
Phonics - A Beka Letters and Sounds
History - SOTW Book 1 CH 1 Earliest People
Bible Study - Creation of Man
Geography - Canyon and Cape
Art - Mark Rothko
Handwriting - I downloaded a new cursive writing app

Letter/Phonics - Hooked On Phonics PK (she will be starting this new this week)
Handwriting - Handwriting without Tears Wet/Dry app
Math - Practice Counting to 25, counting by 2s and writing numbers
Gym - playing catch with a very soft ball
Science - Shadows
Geography - What are maps?  Draw a large map of our house
Art - Dot Painting
Games - Frog Hop, Dora Uno and Puzzles
Speech therapy - Concentrating on the F and S sounds (playing with Go Fish speech cards)
Stories - Winter stories

Joey and Brayden started their section in Ohio History about Fur Trade in Ohio.  We also talked about the French and Indian War, and why this was a definite turning point in the colonists beginning to fight for their independence.   We watched most of Last of the Mohicans to go along with this study.

The boys got a little behind on their Scholastic Newsletter.  It seems a bit overwhelming for them.  I asked them to do question and answer sheets to go with these (that I created).  They do not like comprehension questions.  I may not do that again for a few weeks.  The boys also officially started a new grammar program (watch for the upcoming review), and they seem to like it so far.  Brayden finished his George Washington book, and Joey is almost done with his reading.

Lydia started Touch Math Grade 2 (watch for the upcoming review)..She has willingly spent hours, actually begging to do the software side of the program.  So watch for our upcoming review next month.  She also continued doing All About Spelling Level 1.  She did two lessons this week, and did a great job.  I actually didn't think we would make it through 1 & 2, but I want to take it slowly, but she really is picking up on hearing the different sounds in a word.  Problem is she doesn't remember this when she gets to a word she does not remember.  She just freaks out and asks for help.  Yep...reading is coming very slowly, but she has made great improvement!

Caty (watch for Caty School posts on Tuesdays), did pretty good this week.  I kept lessons short (roughly 15 minutes max) to help with her learning.  She is loving the Hooked on Phonics alphabet song!!  Hoping this is the program that "speaks" to her and says..."Please yes...continue reading with"  After all we have been through with Lydia, really hoping for an easier route with Caty!

We had so many little projects ..... Lydia learned a little this week about the European Pine Marten that lives in Belgium.  I learned that they are cute, yet nasty little critters that force people to wrap their cars at night sometimes in chicken wire to keep them from chewing on important car parts like brake lines!

Lydia actually begged to keep playing on her math software.

Joey had a game.
 Lydia and I were going through magazines for her Smash book/Scrapbook.  Yeah...we had a huge mess!
For History we learned about the Nomads.  She did Cave Art, which also happened to be our theme for Art Class this
We also read The First Dog by Jan Brett.  Lydia has started Story of the World V. 1 again.  
 For our Artist Study, she learned about Mark Rothko.
Working on her math.
 Joey and I attempted to make a pumpkin custard the way GeorgeWashington loved.....Yeah, mommy was stupid and forgot to check on the pumpkin.  It was yummy, but burnt :(

Caty started her Hooked on Phonics program.  A lot of review for this time, but she really likes the DVD and songs.
Brayden working on his bees unit.
 Lydia being silly...she's reading her McGuffey Reader with a magnifying glass.
She attempted a Word Ladder worksheet.  She thought it was cool, but we are going to wait a couple more months before we do more.
 Lydia loves Mo Willems....this is a newer one at our library.  And of course we loved it....
 And then we made some homemade chocolate pudding to go with our reading.  Reading about all that pudding made us hungry!!
We had a cool week, I'll spend this afternoon making adjustments for next week.  So the boys don't feel overwhelmed.  That and planning our Fire House unit for Miss Caty next week.

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  2. Lots of fun stuff. I especially love the cave art idea!