Friday, February 22, 2013

Our week in Review----Week 38

Joey finished up his math unit on estimating.  Math is definitely not his strong point and I am not sure how to keep going with him.  He is in 6th grade and no where near ready to handle pre-algebra even.  In fact, he forgets steps in simple addition problems.  I know it frustrates him also.  

We started reading about what happened in the Ohio Country during the Revolutionary War.  

He worked hard on separating subjects and predicates in his grammar.  Joey finished his George Washington Book.  We both found out some great facts about this hero for Adventure Club.  

In Science he finished up his unit on plants and spores.  We had a failed science experiment, so we re-started our experiment this morning.  Turns out the furnace definitely keeps our house too dry in the winter for mold.  So we had to create a green house effect using gallon bags this morning.  He dissected a seed to discover the seed coat.  And then he is going to start growing them in the little "greenhouse" now.

He put the beans in water to soak overnight to make them more easy to dissect.

 I actually cut the bean apart.  I couldn't allow him to do it.
 Our other piece of bread dried out horribly.  So we put the new slice in a gallon baggie to create a "greenhouse" effect.
 He also planted the remaining beans to see what would happen.

Even through whining, crying and tantrums....he got his work done.

Brayden sat with me to do his schoolwork everyday.  He finished up learning about bees today.  I am trying to get the Bee movie cartoon for us to watch with him.  We used to have it, but I can't find it.  He finished reading Bad Kitty.  He "restarted" multiplication.  It's refresher from when he regressed in some skills last fall.  Hopefully we'll get back to where he needs to be pretty quick.

Caty had a good week.  We worked on Hooked on Phonics and these Letter finds from Living Life Intentionally.  She loves using the Bingo markers.  

She worked on a unit on Fire trucks and fireman.  I found this wooden model at the store, and she really liked it.
She did not like painting with pencil erasers to do dot art.  It was rather comical...have you noticed this weeks favorite
Practicing speech sounds playing Go Fish with a game from Speech Therapy Ideas.
Lydia did really well.  She is working on her Math in Touch Point Math.  She is actually begging to do the software side of the program.  It is definitely a new approach to math.  She got very did I...trying to make the Egyptian Beaded Collar today.  We both gave up, and agreed that neither of us are Egyptian Princesses.  So we wore fancy necklaces and watched a movie

Her artist study this week was Joseph for the upcoming post.  He is famous for collage boxes.  She decided to do a collage box for Justin Bieber.  Go figure.
For her smash journal, she did a page on science toys she saw in a catalog.  Our Smash Club starts Monday and she is super excited!!!

We watched this video on Ancient Mesopotamia to help tie in with her studies in Story of the World V. 1.  And Joey was bummed that our Liberty Kids episodes were erased, so I pulled this oldie but goodie off the shelf to play one morning.

We went to the Toledo Symphony - Music Around America concert.  It was wonderful.
And we looked at some beautiful new art on our way in.  This was her favorite.  Part of the Chemo exhibit.  All art is done by cancer patients at the Hospital.  This was done by a teenager.  Lydia loved the colors and the blending.
Killing time waiting for Caty's dance class to finish.  She's playing Minecraft on her iPad.
She just started All About Spelling 1.  For letters, we are using these plastic ones, instead of the little letters that come with it.  She likes these better.  She did really well with alphabetizing this week!

We had a pretty good week at school.  You can tell because our house is a wreck!  I was so tired after all the schoolwork, and basic cleanup that I didn't do a lot of cleaning.  It was also a bit crazy flipping between all 4 kids.  Brayden regressed in working in independently.  He will only do some work by himself, and even work he can do by himself he insists I need to "help" him with.  Which really just means he wants me to read directions to him. We'll work past this "bump", smooth it over and get ready for our next "bump".  We know it's just

I hope everyone had a wonderful week!!!  Linking up with other homeschool families at Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolers.


  1. It looks like a fun week of homeschooling :-)

  2. Thanks for linking up. Your post made me smile and I enjoyed reading it. I have featured you this week.